Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fashion Show Voting Day #1: ONE ELIMINATION

Hey hey hey! As you may already know by reading the title of this post, the voting session of the Friendship Festival Fashion Show has now begun! That means no more entries will be accepted from here on out. :( Sorry!

Every day someone in the contest board (and the extra picture) as shown above will be eliminated, or removed, from the game. Sometimes there will be a double elimination, which means two people will be eliminated instead of one.

To vote, you must leave the animal that you want to be eliminated's name in the comment section down below or by sending me a quick Jam-A-Gram. You don't have to vote if you don't want to. Don't feel bad if you get eliminated, because there will always be another chance to win a prize! Show good sportsmanship, okay? c:

This voting process will continue until all of the animals have been eliminated. The top three remaining will receive prizes.

Sounds good? If you have anymore questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask! ^.^

Today you will be eliminating one person. Votes will only be accepted until tomorrow at 3:00 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time), so be sure to get your votes in quickly!

Thanks for reading, and have fun voting!


  1. I entered right before this. Can you enter mine late?

  2. Sorry but I choose Pouncing Vinepaw.... Great Job!

  3. I vote out Pouncing Vinepaw. Sorry to whoever you are, and good luck everyone!

    (Wow, there's a lot of arctic foxes)

  4. Oops forgot to enter, i planned on waiting till i got a membership (due to there being very few good valentines clothing items for nonmembers) but i've been so busy i haven't got one yet.
    Anyways, I vote out Daredevil Prettylady

  5. I vote out Blooming Spiritstar
    Sorry!! Good job everyone!!

  6. I vote out Awesome Icybear.-cyacheer

  7. I vote out pouncing Vinepaw, sorry

  8. Sorry Blooming Spiritstar, I vote out you!

  9. Darn, it's the 9th already? I was going to enter but I lost track of time and like to put things off until as late as possible, oops

    Oh well, I vote out Darling Icyanimal

  10. awww crapperdoodle I forgot to enter:/

  11. I vote out Pouncing Vinepaw,sorry
    Notice how all the contestants are members? Thats how hard AJHQ makes it for non-members.

  12. When I saw this post, my first reaction was: "Oh my goodness. I just realized how terrifying I look. I'm so gonna lose..." Oh well. Just look at me XD! Anyway, good luck to everyone :3

    Sorry, Darling Icyanimal, I vote for you. Sorry!! D:


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