Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Jamaasian Language CONTINUED!

Hello there, Jammers! ^.^ I really need to come up with a hip catchphrase to begin my posts with, don't I? xP

I was tinkering with Brady Barr's chemistry set in his lab the other day when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something particularly familiar.

Some of you might remember my history post on what I call the "Jamaasian Language" from last fall. If you don't, I suggest you check it out by clicking the cute little polar bear cub down below. :3

Back to the story now - here's a photo of what I noticed:

See the area that's been boxed with a red marker?

Those symbols remind me of the markings on the chalkboard from the post I mentioned!

Yeah, sure, they're not exactly alike. The symbols above the theater doors resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics more than they do Jamaasian markings, but I feel as if there's a close connection between the two. A connection that we have yet to discover!

What do you think of these mysterious symbols? A mystery demanding to be solved, or a bunch of bologna?

Have a jamtastic day!


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