Monday, February 22, 2016

Even More Bad News...

Our desktop computer is officially dead. Dad took it in to the computer guy to see what was wrong with it, and we didn't exactly get the answer we wanted.

So, that means all of our pictures and videos of our family, including many more documents and files  is GONE. I'm especially disappointed because of all the stories I had ever written were on that computer.

The only way we can restore the information is by paying $1,500. And we need a new desktop computer, so that's another $3,000.

I never realized how much I needed the desktop computer until now.

To make matters worse, I'm getting braces on tomorrow.

I just feel like crying a river, building a boat, and sailing it away from reality.


  1. Life will get better soon. You still have the memories, and you can work with that. It may seem like your sinking down, but eventually you'll find a way back up to the top.
    My dad backs up everything on his computer like crazy cause the same thing happened to him. And about those braces, it's not that bad. When they get put on, all they're doing is gluing the brackets to your teeth. That part doesn't hurt. The part that does hurt is when they put the wire in your mouth. It took about a week for me to feel comfortable again. I'm getting my bottom braces on this week. D:-cheer

    1. Well said! Before the computer died my dad tried to back all of our data up, but it was too slow and laggy. Hopefully we can save up the money and pay for it to be fixed.

  2. It's okay Naffy, It will get better, I hope you can get a desktop and get everything back, and braces aren't that bad, yes, you may not be able to eat somethings but I know some people with braces and they look really pretty and I know you will too! I hope you feel better! <3

  3. I would feel as bad as you are, Naffy. I hope everything goes well for you <3

  4. Gosh, I couldn't ever imagine losing all of the stories, photos and memories I have stored on my laptop... I wish there was some way to somehow make sure that the stuff on computers would never disappear or get lost. :(

    And don't worry too much about getting braces--my friends who've had braces say it only hurts a bit for the first day or two, and after that they are completely painless. :) Plus, you'll have lovely, straight teeth and a gorgeous smile when they're off! And it's better to get them earlier than later--that way you won't have to have them on still later in school. I personally wish I could just get braces now (I just need 1 more tooth to fall out! The suspense!) to get it over with.

    Good luck with everything! Best of luck to you! I'm sending buckets and buckets of sparkly happiness your way!

    1. Hehe, yeah, computers aren't that trustworthy after all. Thanks for the advice and kind thoughts! :)

  5. "I just feel like crying a river, building a boat, and sailing it away from reality."
    That's pretty much me on most days : (

    Since most of my life is computer related, I'd be crushed if I lost all my computer memory. I have around 20k pictures on this computer and many important documents. I don't know what I would do if that was all suddenly gone. It makes me genuinely scared just thinking about it. That and beaches

    1. It's a scary thought isn't it? :( I probably should have saved the most important files on a flash drive while I could, so my advice to you is: save what you can while you can, just in case it happens to you. :,(

  6. Naffy,
    No matter what we are here for you!

  7. My ss teacher had a tree fall through his house and stab his tv so at least that didn't happen to you!

    1. My aunt and uncle's bedroom had a branch go through the wall! It almost killed my aunt!

  8. Man, that sucks. As probably many other people have said already--at least you still have the memories. And Naffy, don't worry about the braces. One of my friends are getting braces a day after you are and my brother is getting his braces off on the same day my friend's getting hers. I'm getting braces next year along with my other siblings.

    Don't worry, you're not alone. X3

  9. That sucks. I hope everything gets better Naffy. <3 I have so much stuff on my computer it scares me to think about if it all got deleted. I'm so sorry this happened to you!

    And also, I have to get braces in two weeks. I'm scared to death at the thought of metal being stuck in my mouth for who knows how long, poking me and having to get them tightened every once in a while. I feel your pain with the braces.

    And the computer problem happened to my friend. They spent a whole bunch of money. That was a long time ago, (I think a year?) and now its just a memory they look back at, and my optimistic friend laughs at.

    Everything will get better Naffy, and also, you have all your amazing fans for the AJW to help you through everything! I hope everything gets cleared up soon.

  10. I hope you feel better soon Naffy!
    I'm getting my braces off this spring.
    I am so sorry about your computer
    ~Best Wishes

  11. I am so sorry! That happened to mai mom and she was so upset! She had all this work done and all of it got erased.... Hope u r feeling better!

  12. Dear Naffy,
    You are right, laptops are the Worst they are slow and cruddy. Braces well... they are acually pretty and shiny How do I know? My cousin has them. :) Dont feel bad look at pictures or polar bears,drink some chocolate mil and then play tennis! Feel good about you have great friend! Please remember this.
    From, a caring nyny56.
    P.S: Its not as bad as it seems!


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