Monday, October 31, 2016


The 700K views contests are now up! Click here to get to the contest blog for more info.

Happy Night of the Phantoms

Image result for happy night of the phantoms

Happy Night of the Phantoms, Jammers! What are some of the festivities and traditions that take place in your household? Are you dressing up in a costume? Going trick-or-treating? Going to a Halloween party or scaring/pranking people? Carving pumpkins?

Every year we usually have a nice dinner with homemade macaroni and cheese and potato soup. Then we go out and trick-or-treat, and come back to our house to play tricks on people. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

World of Jamaa Theory

Hi Jammers! Naffy here, not like you already knew that... I mean, who else would it be? Mickey Mouse?

Image result for mickey mouse


Yeah... no. :P

Anyways, the other day I was in my Sir Gilbert's Palace den, thinking of what to make the next post about, when I realized my animal was sitting on it the whole entire time.

See this huge, golden emblem that looks like a globe that Gorgeous is on top of? Well, if you examine it closely, you might notice that the lands don't necessarily resemble OUR modern day earth. In fact, it might possibly be... Jamaa!?

Now, hold on a minute. If Jamaa is supposed to be a world, then does that mean that the map of Jamaa we all know only displays a small portion of what's out there? 

Who knows! And if AJHQ decides to release a few new lands sometime in the near future, we might have to expand the map to give us more room.

Or... could Jamaa not even be a world, but a country? A country completely isolated from humanity and the adversary, a place where just animals can roam and be free?

What do YOU think? Could Jamaa be more than just a world? If so, what could it be? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

That's all the time we have for today. Stay safe, play wild, and happy jamming!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

700K Views Party Pictures

The 700K views party was so much fun! Thanks to all who came, and those who couldn't make it were missed!

Vic found the red panda plushie! Good job, Victory. :)

Cosmic found the red panda plushie as well!

Having a good time in the basement!

Somehow Mira's tears winded up in Sneezy's candy! Poor Sneezy... now her candy is all soggy. :(

We summoned Mira! ^.^

Friday, October 28, 2016

What the New Animal REALLY Is

Some Jammers believe the new animal is a jaguar, or a dragon, or an iguana, but I've got news for you.

You're welcome.

NEW Animal Jam Dress Up Friends Multipack Set

Howdy y'all.

My friend graciepopstar91 of the Animal Jam Friendship Community made a recent discovery when she was scrolling through the Toys R Us website.

She found a new AJ toy that could very well be on its way to your local Toys R Us now!

It's called the ''Animal Jam Dress Up Friends Multipack Set''. Here's a couple pictures of what it looks like. Kudos to Gracie for the photos.

This pack comes with six animal figurines and six pets, all with interchangeable accessories. The figurines might look a bit similar to the original ones that come in single packs, but these ones are different because they are painted different colors. This pack costs $24.99 with tax, and even comes with a special edition dolphin character.

It's a neat toy, don't cha think? :)

Happy jamming!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 184: Message in a Bottle

Hi Jammers! You know what today is... UPDATE DAY! Let's see what this week's Jamaa Journal has for us.

So, for the next... well, I don't know how long, random bottles will be hidden around Crystal Sands, and inside them is a message and an exclusive item? Sounds interesting! I wonder who the messages are from, and what they mean.

This weekend only, you can adopt your very own RARE pet phantom by clicking on the phantom statue in Jamaa Township. I don't really see the point of this, but okay...

The Masterpiece Gallery party is now a permanent party, so you can always go to it and check out the ever-changing masterpieces that are on display.

A new animal is coming to Jamaa. Again. Big surprise, huh?
Spoiler alert: it's a toucan. Or maybe a jaguar. Or an iguana. I'm not really sure. :p

There's a new Sketch Jam video, and the Night of the Phantoms items will soon be leaving stores.

Last but not least, we have an advertisement, like we haven't seen any of those before.

What did you guys think of today's update?

Have a good day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


GUYS!!! We did it! We hit 700,000 views!

Thank you all SO, so much for your help in achieving this huge milestone in the AJW's journey as a blog. Your comments, your views... everything is greatly appreciated! :)

As always, there will be a party! Here is the invitation. Mark your calendars!

Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes, so be creative! We will also play some games and do other fun stuff too.

There will also be a BIG contest coming out soon on the contest blog, so keep checking for that.

Once again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for 700K views! I remember the day in 2014 when we hit 100K views... now we're 600K views past that already. Mind blowing, isn't it?

Have a fantastic day, and ONE MORE TIME... THANK YOU!!!

Jam Mart Items

Some of the items that you see in shops around Jamaa that either haven't been released yet or are just different colors and patterns of the original item seem like they would make good actual items that you can buy. Whew, that was one heck of a sentence. I'm practically sweating. Just kidding...

Here are some items that I found in Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing that I think would make great purchasable den decorations.

The green ''blue'' rug next to the door, the sea green vase next to the orange fire pot, the solid colored flat couches, the alarm clocks and radios, the various pottery scattered around the room, the plaid, swirly, and chevron patterned mats, the desks and drawers, flat coffee tables, and even the recycling machine

The gold and greenish-silver gauntlets on the shelf and round table, the jewelry on the oval-shaped table, the weird feathery fan head gear on the round table, and even the cute little yellow pear sitting next to the bamboo plant

These were just cool-looking items from the two shops shown above, but I'm sure there are plenty more items out there that would be nice to have in stores. Anything you think of in particular, let me know in the comments! ^.^

Bye Jammers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hey! :)

There's definitely a lot of shops and places to explore in Jamaa, and most of these shops have identical old-fashioned cash registers. I know there is one in the flag shop, which shows the official gem currency symbol on it (or at least that's what I think it is), and it's also the most detailed one according to my knowledge, so you can get a real good look at it.

The one in the Conservation Museum, however, has three numbers on the little tabs, and to me they look like a 1, a 5, and a 7.

I'm not really sure what the numbers mean other than the total cost of a purchase, but you all know how much Animal Jam loves its Easter eggs. Perhaps there could be a bigger, more obscure meaning behind these three digits.

I'm also almost positive there just can't be a decimal sign, since all of the items in Jamaa cost gems except for the items sold at the Diamond Shop. It's not as complicated as dollars and coins and what not, I think.

What are your thoughts on this?

That's it for today, goodbye!

Monday, October 24, 2016

AJ WikiHow Threads

Hey Jammers!

Have you ever looked up a thread on WikiHow before? How about an Animal Jam WikiHow thread?

I must say, there are some pretty interesting how-to's on WikiHow related to AJ. Here are just a few of them:

What other weird AJ threads have you found lying about in the vast world of the internet?

That's all I have for you today. Goodbye! ^.^

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weird Llama Glitch + AJW Video Appearances

Hi Jammers! :) I'm kinda disappointed that the weekend is already almost over. Time just flies, doesn't it?

Before we get to the main subject of this post, a strange glitch involving llamas and that one... weird-looking... alien hat... thing.

Take a look:

When you do a certain action with a llama wearing that one alien hat thing, it floats away! Ahh! Come back, come back!

Heh, heh.

Anyway, some of you might have recognized the AJW from one of Aparri's recent videos!

Here it is:

However, this isn't the first time the AJW has sneaked its way into a popular AJ-tuber's video.

The Whip made an appearance in WisteriaMoon's custom YT thumbnail tutorial from about two years ago. It was recognized for its free AJ graphics.

Are there any other videos from YouTube that you've seen feature the AJW? Let me know if you have in the comments!

We're out of time for today kids. Remember, eat your school, stay in drugs, and don't do vegetables. #jkthatwouldbereallybadsoeatyourveggiesanddontdodrugsbutyoucaneatyourschoolifyouwanttobcthatstotallyfinewithme

Image result for anima ljam nafaria9 siganture

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Missing Flamingo

Did you know that you can see the big mossy rock that the flamingo stands nearby in Crystal Sands can be spotted from the surface of Bahari Bay? The only problem is, the flamingo isn't there! Weird, right?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Art Studio Pictures

Hey! :)

Have you ever noticed the small little drawings and works of art hanging up on the walls of the art studio?

If you take a closer look, you might be able to guess what the drawings are pictures of.

Let's try it out!

I can see a smiley AJ emoji, an earth with a small moon in the corner, two pine trees with a mountain in the background, a bright yellow sun, a cat wearing some strange accessories (I think?), the tiger that's on the buddy icon, another mountain/forest scene, and an arch.

My personal favorite is the drawing of the arch, because it looks a lot like the famous Delicate Arch from Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

Image result for delicate arch

Since AJHQ is located in Utah, I found it pretty cool that they possibly purposely put up a tiny drawing of the Delicate Arch inside the art studio.

That's one thing I love about Animal Jam; all the interesting Easter eggs. c:

Well, that's all I have for you today. Goodbye!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Breakfast Smiley Face Den Tip

Hey Jammers! :)

Have you ever heard of the secret ''shop'' dens before? It's basically a huge chain of these dens full of one specific item, group of items, or theme, with small portals leading from one den to the next.

One of my personal favorites is called breakfastshop. This den includes items that sort of look like breakfast foods, like eggs and bacon. :P

I saw this funny breakfast smiley face that this person created, and I thought I would show you guys and make a den tip out of it. :D

Breakfast Smiley Face
This funny den decoration will surely put a smile on your face!

What You Need:

2 White Buttercup Rugs
Orange Mats

Arrange the mats into a crescent shape for the mouth, and place the two rugs a reasonable distance away from the mats to create a face!

Do you like this den tip? And, if you've ever been through the den chain, which den is your favorite?


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Animal Jam Bingo by Julian2

Animal Jam bingo cards are all the rage in the Instagram and Twitter section of the Animal Jam community these days, and I thought it would be fun to do one!

Now, there are tons of different bingo cards out there, but I chose to do the one that Julian2 made a while ago. Just like tags, feel free to do this on your own as well!

Original Card:

My Card:

Hey, I got bingo! :D Obviously I regret doing some of the things I marked off, but most of the stuff done that I regret was a long time ago. :P

Let me know what things on this bingo card you've done, and if you get bingo! ^.^

Have a great rest of your day!