Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Animal Jam Bingo by Julian2

Animal Jam bingo cards are all the rage in the Instagram and Twitter section of the Animal Jam community these days, and I thought it would be fun to do one!

Now, there are tons of different bingo cards out there, but I chose to do the one that Julian2 made a while ago. Just like tags, feel free to do this on your own as well!

Original Card:

My Card:

Hey, I got bingo! :D Obviously I regret doing some of the things I marked off, but most of the stuff done that I regret was a long time ago. :P

Let me know what things on this bingo card you've done, and if you get bingo! ^.^

Have a great rest of your day!


  1. Ok here are the ones I ticked-
    Bought AJ merch
    Made an AJMV
    Gotten a headdress (it was just a rare but shh)
    Made a masterpiece
    Got a year of membership
    Spent money on diamonds
    Met a famous jammer
    Filled my buddy list
    Cried over animal jam (2 words. Moth. Queen.)
    Been scammed
    Watched an entire livestream
    Gotten an animal from a gift card (the polar bear)

    I wonder if anyone got their entire list ticked off...


  2. Yes those bingos have been super popular lateky

  3. Replies
    1. Bingo is a game. I don't know how to describe it. XD

  4. ok all most ALL of these is NO for me,
    btw what is the FREE! space in the middle??
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. Hey, Ja! That FREE! space means it's a... free space. As in, you can check it off from the beginning so it helps you get a bingo!

    2. OHHHHHHHH Ty LostFairy
      *King Tough Bunny
      (btw I'M BACK TO POST ON THE DE I explaned why i wasn't post at all look for it! XD)

  5. A List of ALL the Things I Did on AJ
    1. AJ Dated and Married
    2. Attempted to scam (I got hacked scam) and got scammed (storage account "Come do it!" scam)
    3. Met a few famous jammers (some I saw, some I actually MET)
    4. Created dumb looks and asked people if I was pretty
    5. Had a very regrettable arctic wolf look
    6. Got suspended
    7. Had obnoxious, rude buddies
    8. Had buddies that are my friend IRL
    9. Buddies with my siblings
    10. Blogger buddies
    11. Got bullied because look is pink
    12. (IRL) Dresses up in PJ's when it isn't pajama day at IRL school :( (how embarassing)
    13. Thought an arctic wolf was cute? I don't know how I can fall for an animal made out of pixels... but eh
    14. Failed at posting on my blog
    15. Shut down my "mini" jammer wall blog
    16. Lied about being on BRB
    17. Left my friends rudely in the middle of a conversation because I was bored of being on AJ
    18. Put on fake makeup, wish there was a makeup feature in AJ
    19. Said "mouths" instead of "kisses"
    20. Got stuck with bubble chat for saying my blog's name to Bobcats Meow (a new AJ youtuber)
    21. Buddying Nafaria9 AJ (great moment children)
    22. Chanting "PRINCESS FOR ALPHA" even though I am not even 31 yet, so I probably can't run for alpha. But at least I am older than 18 so I can vote people for alpha. If I was alpha I would appear in AJ's ads. It's a win win.
    23. Playing adventures hours on end to get to a high level
    24. Didn't buddy Gellyjones :(
    25. Eating pixels, god wish there was a food feature in AJ too :(
    The end


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