Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weird Llama Glitch + AJW Video Appearances

Hi Jammers! :) I'm kinda disappointed that the weekend is already almost over. Time just flies, doesn't it?

Before we get to the main subject of this post, a strange glitch involving llamas and that one... weird-looking... alien hat... thing.

Take a look:

When you do a certain action with a llama wearing that one alien hat thing, it floats away! Ahh! Come back, come back!

Heh, heh.

Anyway, some of you might have recognized the AJW from one of Aparri's recent videos!

Here it is:

However, this isn't the first time the AJW has sneaked its way into a popular AJ-tuber's video.

The Whip made an appearance in WisteriaMoon's custom YT thumbnail tutorial from about two years ago. It was recognized for its free AJ graphics.

Are there any other videos from YouTube that you've seen feature the AJW? Let me know if you have in the comments!

We're out of time for today kids. Remember, eat your school, stay in drugs, and don't do vegetables. #jkthatwouldbereallybadsoeatyourveggiesanddontdodrugsbutyoucaneatyourschoolifyouwanttobcthatstotallyfinewithme

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  1. Seeing how rarely AJ blogs appear in videos is a little sad. I do wish they were more known, most people only know about the AJ spirit.

    One day we will make blogging great again.

    Wait what


  2. "We're out of time for today kids. Remember, eat your school, stay in drugs, and don't do vegetables."
    Has somebody been watching a bit too much Studio C?

    1. as much as I hate to say it

  3. Its actually a living hat. :O that would be weird.. ; XD Oooh nice! #JulianiswaybetterdenAparri and #BepperisbetterdenWisteria. LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!!!

    1. id say wisteria is better then bepper cuz she's more creative but what do i know lol

      -kraft macaroni


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