Monday, October 3, 2016

Mira's Tears Theory Update + Lemur Glitch

Hey there! :)

Don't you think the Night of the Phantoms decorations are beautiful? In a spooky way, of course. The Night of the Phantoms celebration is one of my most favorite holidays in Jamaa, with the Jamaalidays being the first. I mean, who doesn't love free gifts for 25 days!? :P

As I was observing the intricate details of the various decorations around Jamaa, I noticed something peculiar about the little candy bowls like the one you see here:

Besides the odd arctic wolf standing in the corner, do you notice anything familiar about the candy in the bowl?

That's right - there are little blue and white sparks floating up from the candy, just like the sparks that float up from the Zios pit when it's in neutral mode.

About a week ago I made a theory post saying that these sparks were possibly leftovers of Mira's tears, but now that I think about it... maybe not.

This is quite puzzling to me. >.<

I want to know what YOU guys have to say about these mysterious sparks. Let me know in the comment section what your ideas are.

But before I go, I wanted to share an interesting glitch involving lemurs and bamboo wings/homemade wings:

When you wear homemade wings on a lemur, it shows up as bamboo wings. When you wear bamboo wings, it shows up as homemade wings. Strange, but interesting!

Have a fantastic day! ^.^


  1. I have a theory Mira was so sad she ate candy and that candy tasted bad so she spit it out (those sparks were Mira's spit) and made the phantoms

  2. It's confirmed that Mira's tears became phantoms, but I have a theory. For a bit of time zios left Mira, and the statue of zios was big and full at that time. Maybe as she got angry, she shoved it underground, ruining its beauty. To make him remember her, she left behind the sparkles. Perhaps the sparkles appeared because she chose them to come, or just her presence made them appear. When Mira's tears became phantoms, at first maybe they were marked with sparkles too. When they tried to steal the candy, maybe her mark was left on it. Or she herself wanted to help the jammers, so she marked the candy hoping to keep it safe. But each time the sparkles appear it has something to do with Mira and phantoms, ( the statue has phantoms surround it as you sleep by it ) maybe her tears only marked phantoms at first... I honestly don't know.


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