Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Unreleased Items in Epic Haunted Manor Den

In AJHQ's Epic Haunted Manor den, there are a few items that I don't believe are released yet. Here are some pictures:

A spooky well full of green goop

A spider trampoline

A phantom vortex (which is hiding under the bubbling cauldron)

An old television

A violin and a golden mirror (photo taken as I was getting chased by my buddies)

A tarantula throne (ft. Vic)

Which items do you like the best?


  1. The tarantula throne already exists lol

    I really want that mirror :o


  2. Ooh I like the well. The Vortex cauldron is cool too. I think the throne is released in aspic Wonders through.

  3. The tarantula throne isn't un-released, i have one from last year.

  4. The tarantula throne is an actual item, I think.


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