Sunday, October 30, 2016

World of Jamaa Theory

Hi Jammers! Naffy here, not like you already knew that... I mean, who else would it be? Mickey Mouse?

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Yeah... no. :P

Anyways, the other day I was in my Sir Gilbert's Palace den, thinking of what to make the next post about, when I realized my animal was sitting on it the whole entire time.

See this huge, golden emblem that looks like a globe that Gorgeous is on top of? Well, if you examine it closely, you might notice that the lands don't necessarily resemble OUR modern day earth. In fact, it might possibly be... Jamaa!?

Now, hold on a minute. If Jamaa is supposed to be a world, then does that mean that the map of Jamaa we all know only displays a small portion of what's out there? 

Who knows! And if AJHQ decides to release a few new lands sometime in the near future, we might have to expand the map to give us more room.

Or... could Jamaa not even be a world, but a country? A country completely isolated from humanity and the adversary, a place where just animals can roam and be free?

What do YOU think? Could Jamaa be more than just a world? If so, what could it be? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

That's all the time we have for today. Stay safe, play wild, and happy jamming!


  1. In my series AJ Adventures, Jamaa is in a distant galaxy on a planet called Animalasia. Within Animalasia, there are different areas for different species (eg Wolphania, the Tigeral Jungles, The Leopardayas). These areas are home to Jammers and some Jamaasians who have either retired or are unwilling to fight.
    Jamaa is the central land, and is where Jamaasians go to train and become warriors.

    Here's the other stuff that isn't really to do with Jamaa itself and is to do with the actual story-

    I have a different version of the original story of Jamaa, also. I'm not explaining everything since there's another time period in my series that is yet to be revealed properly.

    Many centuries ago, Animalasia was populated my many species and led by two guardians, Zios and Mira. Zios and Mira were spirits;the last time they'd let a mortal lead Jamaa it ended in the destruction of society as they knew it. For many generations, life was fine, until one day when Zios left Animalasia to find electricity, on earth. He was gone for years, and soon Mira believed he was dead and flew into depression. During her anger, she sat by the volcano, and knocked an oil canister into the lava which created a sticky, purple substance. Mira thought little of it.
    When Zios returned, he sent a patrol of Jamaasians to check the volcano. When investigating, a lion fell in and became a Rouge (a phantom-like animal). He soon turned the other members of his patrol rouge and went on rampage.
    Phantoms are formed when an animal's dna meet the poisoned lava. The dna can essentially be any part of an animal, like fur or feathers. This creates an emotionless creature that can be used against Jamaa.
    Soon, Mira and Zios were killed by the rouges. The animals were too cowardly to fight. Eventually life ceased to exist.

    Thousands of years later, during the mass flood on earth, scientists are trying to find other planets with life on them they can travel to. One man (named Jeffery for comedic purposes) finds an empty planet filled with trees and plants, and biomes, much like earth. He creates a way to transport animal DNA, small stones that when placed in a frame, do magical radioactive stuff (11/10 science) to create animals. Jeffery travels to Animalasia and places the stones in the frame, then leaves. Animals are created, etc. Among te animals are two young brothers named Explosion and Tobias. Explosion is visited by Zios in his dreams and told the stories of Jamaa. One fateful day the two brothers are taken by their father to visit the volcano, as Explosion is curious. When the brothers are playing, Tobias falls. Explosion tries to help him, but voice tell him to drop Tobias into the volcano. Tobias blames Explosion for his changing, and uses forces to bring to life the rouge animals from the dark days of Jamaa. Slowly, they steal the spirit stones (or heartstones) and begin to ruin the populations of Jamaa. It results in a battle in which Explosion is killed by a spike (because spiked collar reasoning) and Tobias disappears. Explosion's children, Margo and Greely, are left in charge of Jamaa, but nobody trusts them.
    There's also a bunch of stuff to do with tapestries, legends and sky sky kingdom.

    Hope you enjoyed my theory/story backstory if you could bother to read it XD it's pretty long. The latter part was pretty unnecessary but eyy


    1. Hey Kraft, do you mean rouge (a red powder or cream used as a cosmetic for coloring the cheeks or lips), or rogue (a person or thing that behaves in an aberrant, faulty, or unpredictable way)?

      Just wanted to get the name straight in my head. :P


    2. The latter. I've literally always spelt it wrong XD



  2. Animal Jam moved the den, shopping bag (stores), butterfly (pets), and the movie icon! They moved it out of the way.. for.. drumroll please... NEW LANDS!


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