Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wacky Animal Names

With the addition of the new animal names, you can generate some pretty wacky combinations. Here are some that I've come up with.

My friend cyacheer actually came up with this one. I find it perfectly fitting for her since she's a super talented and artistic artist. ;P

If you want to be Aparri, Wisteria, and Julian all at once, you can name your next animal ''Swaggy Kawaiibean''.

Ever heard of that one Animal Jam music video, ''Modern Major Kangaroo"? Although the name isn't quite right, it's still close enough.

I just find this so funny. Spikyspike... hehe!

Comment down below some weird name combinations you've discovered!

Thanks for reading. Keep on whipping!


  1. I have an animal named DJ BravePotato, it's funny

  2. For pet names, me and my brother found Gummybear and Tatertot!

  3. I never thought there'd come a day when AJ would support and condone people naming their animals "swaggy" XD

  4. I once saw a wolf named Legit Kawaii Potato, it was pretty funny XD

  5. Yeah some of these names are pretty weird! There's also "Legit Leafyfan" and other weird stuff. Also thanks!

  6. Fun fact: That AJ video is a parody of a really cool song called "Modern Major-General" from Pirates of Penzance! It's a musical opera thing.


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  8. Yesssssssss, love that song! XD About binomial theorem I am teeming with a lot of news....


  9. i named my pet tater tot xd :)

  10. Although im starting to questions aj's name choices at least now everyone wont ve named "major major major"
    ~glittergal624 ❤


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