Ask Nafaria

Hey there! A lot of Jammers are out there with a lot of questions that need a lot of answers. Naffy Taffy is here to help! Feel free to ask any questions as long as they aren't too personal or inappropriate. ^.^ Thanks!

Please do not ask questions about how rare something is or how much it's worth. I don't trade that often, so I'm not exactly the best person to ask. :P


Question: How do you make a blog?
Answer: Ah, there are many ways on how you can create a free website of your own: Tumblr, Wordpress, and of course, Blogger, the best of the best!

Question: How do I make a Google account?
Answer: It's very simple. All you need to do is go to When you fill out the form with your parent's permission, you will have access to Blogger, Gmail, YouTube, and many other cool features.

Question: Can I be your buddy?
Answer: Yes, and no. I usually don't buddy strangers like pronto. I've got to get to know you. But, I will always be your "buddy", even if I'm not necessarily on your buddy list. :3

Question: Which games do you play, and which do you like the most?
Answer: To be honest, I don't play that many computer games. Chicken Smoothie, Webkinz, and Animal Jam just about does it for me. I like all of them equally. c:

Question: What's your favorite item in all of Jamaa?
Answer: Whew, that's a tough one, especially since new items are being sold every day! I have to say that my favorite item is my purple glove. I love gloves! ^.^

Question: Why is your blog called "The Animal Jam Whip"?
Answer: I'm that kind of person who loves to sneak dough and creamy things like frosting and yogurt. So, I named it "the Whip", because of my passion for those whipped up delights. o3o

Question: How do you make your graphics?
Answer: I use Pixlr to make my graphics, and occasionally Picmonkey, too. They are both free!


  1. heya do you have any idea why you cant say palette in animal jam? for the people who have free chat

    1. Sometimes AJHQ's chat restrictions are a bit odd and block words that don't really show any form of offensiveness/inappropriate content whatsoever. Kind of annoying, right? :I

  2. Replies
    1. Visit this link:

  3. HI! i just wanted to ask when you play animal jam what games do you play like for gems. also what do YOU like to do on animal jam i like to trade and decorate my den what about you?

    1. I enjoy trading and decorating my den as well! I also love playing buddy games like Pairs, Bowling, Scooped, and Four Gem, and playing the regular Sol Arcade games like Best Dressed, Falling Phantoms, Long Shot, Gembreaker, and so much more! ^.^

  4. oh sorry I was the one who asked you about what you do an animal jam and what games you play for gems you dont have to publish this but I dont have a user name but my animal jam user is Ninapandagirl1 if that helps.

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    2. What's the meaning of life?
      What colour is your toothbrush?
      Why are blowfish called that?
      Why Donald trump?

      How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
      I saw a seahorse sitting on a seesaw, how many s's in that?
      What's your name, how do you spell it? Hint: look at the end of the sentence
      Why blowfish?
      Why caterpillars?
      Why zebras?

      Sorry for wasting your time, XD

    3. 1. 42. 42 is the meaning of life. :P
      2. Uhh... it's kind of a mixture of colors; pink, grey, white... it's a really neat, useful electric spinning brush that works well for my braces.
      3. Maybe because they ''blow up'' when threatened or something like that? That's just my guess, hehe.
      4. I'm not sure. Why Donald Trump? Why!?
      5. A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck wood.
      6. Umm... six?
      7. I-T.
      8. Blubbery blobs of blowfish.
      9. Pillarcats.
      10. I have no idea. :P

  6. Lol, I go on different blogs all the time and do questions like that. I love to see everyone's witty answers!

  7. Hai! I have a few questions for you. :)

    1. What's your name?
    2. Do you think I would have a shot at being president?
    3. Can you critic my den, and be honest about it?
    4. Do you do Pic Collage, and do you have an account?
    5. How many buddies on AJ do you have?
    6. Whats 9+10
    7. How many den betas do you have?
    8. Do you collect den betas?
    9. Have you ever had a Headress?
    10. Have you ever owned a party hat?
    11. How many spike collars you have?
    12. Many's mom had six kids. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. What was the sixth kid's name?

    1. Hello! :P

      1. I don't want to give out my name for personal safety reasons, so just call me Naffy. ;)
      2. Sure! If you can dream it, you can do it.
      3. I really love the naturey feel! If I were you, I would add a few more items to the den. Other than that, it's great!
      4. I don't, sorry! :(
      5. 130/1000
      6. 21! Oh, wait. I'm stupid. It's 19.
      7. I'm not sure, but I have quite a few!
      8. Not really. When I do get them, I either use them for my own den or save them for contest prizes.
      9. Yes, a blue one.
      10. Yes, and I own a couple right now!
      11. About 7.
      12. Many! LOL.

    2. Omg! Thank youu so much for answering my questions! It means so much that you answered. So, I guess Ill answer the answers that you gave to my questions!

      1. Oh. I totally understand!
      2. Aww! Thanks!
      3. Mk, I was thinking that too. Thanks for the feedback.
      4. You should get a pic collage. My account is Clarasminions. You can edit photos for the blog on there!
      5. You have lots of room!
      6. Stupid? PUH-LEESSSSSSS. You're turning 15!
      7. Maybe we could trade sometime.
      8. Mmmmmmm
      9. Cool!
      10. Wow!
      11. WoW!
      12. XD even my dad got stuck on that one... and he is an accountant. Lol. I thought accountants were smart!

  8. Questions:
    1. What color are your braces? (Mine are currently turquoise and light blue.)
    2. What color socks are you wearing right now? (Mine are blue.)
    3. Are you a cactus? (I am a potato, so no.)
    4. What is your least favorite number? (I don't have a least favorite number.)
    5. What would you do if Captain Sillybird asked if you wanted to learn how to drive a ship? (I would say yes.)
    6. Can you buddy me? (Rosydaisy30603)
    7. Did you ever really, REALLY want an item? I did. I wanted a rare spike of some sort, so I traded. (I was NM then)
    8. Is Daisy a puppy? (Yes. I have a stuffed animal puppy whose name is Daisy.)
    9. Cupcakes or cakes? (Cheesecake.)
    10. Do you like relish on hot dogs? (I do.)

    1. 1. Mine are sort of a coral/orange color. :)
      2. Purple!
      3. Sure. :P
      4. Umm... I don't know?
      5. I would say yes, but I'd need to bring a lot of safety gear just in case things get out of control. LOL!
      6. Of course! :)
      7. Yeah, I've had a lot of dream items in the past... heart lockets (when they were rare), a beta arctic hood, a beta tiara, and a horse coin when they still existed. I managed to obtain all of those for a little while.
      8. Yep!
      9. Hmm... cake. Although cupcakes are cuter.
      10. Nope. I don't even really like hot dogs.

    2. you don't like juicy hot dogs!?!?

  9. On Pixlr, how do you white out the background for your graphics? -akmlynx

  10. 1. Do you like potatoes?
    2. What color is the popcorn beside me?
    3. What is your favorite item?
    4. How does your bed look like?
    5. Pandas or bunnies?
    6. Bunnies or bunnies?
    7. Are icicles considered felids?
    8. Do these questions make sense?
    9. Write a line perpendicular to this: y=4x+2
    10. If you do the translation (x+5, y-3), where would the following points end up? A(2,-3) B(-8,-1) C(-6,0)

    1. 1. Yes! Potatoes are awesome. They can be cooked and eaten in many, many different, delicious ways.
      2. Um... yellow? White?
      3. My purple glove.
      4. My sheets are blue and green, and my mattress sits on top of a big box sort of thing with a bunch of drawers on the bottom. It's pretty cool.
      5. Pandas.
      6. Bunnies.
      7. Uhh... sure?
      8. Some of them do. :P
      9. Blech. Save the math for school. XD
      10. My brain hurts just thinking about it. >.<

    2. I put 9 and 10 for practice. We're learning stuff like that at school. I'm in honors math. P.S. do you know what Kumon is? If so, in reading I'm on level L, which is the last level. :D
      9. y=-1/4x+2
      10. A'(7,-6) B'(-3,-4) C'(-1, -3)

  11. And is Bilbobobert a good name for a blobfish?

  12. 1. Am I an amazing magical unicorn?
    2. Do you live inside a giant, furry cat?
    3. Why pillarcats?
    4. How do you put an elephant in the fridge? step 1. open the fridge. step 2. put the elephant in it. step 3. close the fridge.

    1. 1. Yes.
      2. No, I'm allergic to cats. :p
      3. I often ask myself the same question.
      4. Lol!

  13. How much hedge would a hedgehog hog if a hedgehog could hog hedge?

    1. A hedgehog would hog as much hedge as a hedgehog would hog if a hedgehog could hog hedge


  14. Can you help me squash a three inch long buzzing, flying insect that's creeping me out? D: *hides under covers*

  15. Did you know you can bypass the Anon username comment rule by making a Name/URL and putting a random name and link down? It still servers the purpose of nobody knowing who you are.

  16. Hi! I'm trying to start a Blog myself and I really didn't know how to.
    So I have many questions and it's ok if you don't want to answer them all.
    1. To get your Blog out to the Public did you have to pay or something?
    2. I'm not sure how to place the Icons at the top of the screen. The ones that say Home, Trading... Those ones. How can I apply them to my Blog?
    3. How can I make an introduction for the Blog I'm making?
    I know it's a lot to ask, but I've been planning on doing this for while. I did go to the Google Help Place, but their answers made no sense to me. Please help if you can!

    1. 1. Nope! You just simply create your blog, and once that's all been done, anyone can view it.
      2. Those are called pages. You can create a page at any time, and if you want it to show up on your blog, you can go to layout > add a gadget > tabs.
      3. If you mean an introduction like the one I have on the sidebar of my blog, go to layout > add a gadget > text box. Then type whatever you want!

      I hope all goes well! Let me know if you have any more questions, and when your blog is ready for viewers, I'd love to check it out!

  17. How do you get the "Who's Whippin' with You" Gadget?

  18. Hi Naffy! Sugar here!!

    I've got some questions about blogging if you don't mind me asking :D

    1. Can you describe to me how Blogger is used? I'm thinking of making one using Blogger, but I don't have a Google account (yet), so I can't see how it works.
    2. Do we NEED to post something everyday?
    3. Can I make a blog that has more than one topic (Currently thinking of Horses, Star Stable and Baking)?
    4. Do you have to download Blogger?
    5. Is there a limit to posting pictures? If yes, how much space and can I just copy and paste a photo (after I print screen it), or do I need it saved on my computer before I upload it onto my blog?)
    6. How do have the courage to make a blog? I know,a bit of a stupid question, but I'm scared to death to try and make one......

    It's still an idea, but I'd like to see how it works before I try, but even if I have the courage, I might never make one. Thanks!!!


    1. Hi Sugar! :)

      1. Blogger is a platform run by Google, and it's fairly simple to use. You have your Blogger Dashboard, where you can edit your blog. There's many different tabs or sections for your blog; posts, where you type up and publish posts; comments, so you can review/approve them; stats, so you can look at how your blog is doing view-wise; template, where you can customize your blog, etc.
      2. Nope! Feel free to post as much or as little as you want!
      3. Of course! How you run your blog is entirely up to you.
      4. Nope! :)
      5. I'm not sure, but I don't think there is.
      6. Well, just don't get too worried about what other people will think of your blog. We are a very friendly blogging community. :)

    2. Thanks!! Still thinking about it and discussing it with my parents :D


    3. We would love to have you as part of the Blogger community!

    4. I have ten questions
      1: am I a turkey leg
      2: how do u record stuff on YouTube
      3: why foxes exist
      $: do wolfs rule the school [sorry I hit shift by accident lol]
      5:name all the decimals in pi.
      6: will u friend me!
      7: who's the lost jammer
      8: are u on aj stories wiki
      (: are u a banana?
      10: why zebras
      ajwolfiegirl21 (turkey wolfie lol)
      Oh and my sig; lol on dogs

  19. I have a question. I've heard a lot about hackers and in one of AJHQ'S YouTube videos, "Den Parade ep. 3 pt. 2," AJHQ visits "LostJammer's den." Before she went to the den, she told the story about how the "LostJammer" hid candy in the Halloween Phantom Vortex. The Phantoms were pleased and the vortex turned into a black whole and swallowed up the LostJammer. When AJHQ was at his den, you could see the "Far away player icon." When there is a player present but they are outside your screen. He was clearly at the den. Closer to the end of the video, AJHQ walked up to where he was, not knowing he was there. When AJHQ did so, she found him. He was just standing, as if AFK. Even AJHQ was scared and left immediately.

  20. Naffy? How do you get to have pictures for your different pages down the side? Like the Weird Items, and the Daily Explorer widget?

    1. It's really easy! All you need to do is go to Layout > Add a Gadget > Image. Upload a picture, and then link it to whatever you want it linked to. Then, once you're done adding it to your blog, click and drag it to wherever you want it to appear (in this case, the side of your blog). ^.^

  21. How do I turn my whole animal magenta? I saw quite a few people doing it. Can a NM do it?

  22. 1. Will you do my homework :(?
    2. At this moment in time, what colour is your mother's sister's(or brother's) son's uncle's pet dog's ferret's room colour?
    3. Is your stomach grumbling?
    3. Did I just trick you?
    4. Did you hear Scooter from The AJSB (AJ sky blog) Is quitting :c
    5. Are you American? (I'm Canadian Eh,) if not where are you from :D? It's fine if you don't answer due to privacy issues :3
    6. Will you describe weird in a paragraph?
    7. I'm going on a walk, bye!can you describe that in a paragraph too pleaassee?

    1. 1. I can barely even do mine! :P
      2. Umm... let's just say white. Yes, white.
      3. No...
      3. Yeah, you got me!
      4. Yes, he left about a month ago. :(
      5. Yup! I live in the United States, more on the western side.
      6. Weird means odd, strange, or peculiar. I can't think of anything else, lol.
      7. Bye!

    2. 1. Aww man,
      2. nnniiiiceeee
      3. Oh, I guess it's me...
      3. XD
      4. Yeah, I'm super sad, I was on vacation, and we were super busy, I didn't get to check the AJSB (or any other blogs) So I'm really sad, also Naffy when would you think you would quit? I hate seeing blogs go, so I hope it's not soon DX.
      5. Oh cool!
      6. X3
      7. I don't know what to put here

  23. 1. What is your favorite land in Jamaa?
    2. Who is your favorite alpha?
    3. What do you think the restored Zios statue means for Jamaa's future?
    4. How long have you playing AJ?
    5. Have you ever seen a fox in real life? (Sorry, I like foxes.)

    1. 1. Hmm... I really like Jamaa Township, Mt. Shiveer, and the Lost Temple of Zios (because it has so much culture).
      2. Probably either Greely or Liza.
      3. I honestly don't know. Whatever AJHQ has planned, I REALLY hope it's worth all these abrupt changes to the culture of Jamaa. Don't screw this up, AJHQ!
      4. Since August 2011.
      5. Maybe, but I don't specifically remember a time. I would like to, though!

  24. 1:Do you watch Star VS The Forces Of Evil? If so, who's your favorite character?
    2:Do I say "oof" too much?
    3:Do you like Star Hats?
    4:Am I secretly a secret agent only playing AJ because spikes are weapons that will soon destroy the world?
    5: Purple or pink? (purple is better btw)
    6:Is this the last question?
    7:No, this is the last question.

    1. 1. I don't. :(
      2. I guess so?
      3. Yeah!
      4. YES
      5. Purple.
      6. Nope.
      7. Yes.

  25. For the seasonal adventure Tiki Trouble, is there any specific way to play it with a friend? I know that with The Forgotten Desert it shows a "Join me" message that other players can click and that adds them to the Forgotten Desert lobby. When I click the Tiki Trouble game, it doesn't open up a "Join me" message, it just takes me to the lobby like I joined another player when I'm alone. Because of this, I'm confused on how to play it with a friend, I see other people doing it, but I can't. Any solutions?

    1. If you are a member, you might be able to host one. If you're not a member, I'm not sure.

  26. Hey, Nafaria! Mind if you help me out for my own blog? the url is: or you can follow me too!

  27. Hey Nafaria! I cannot get into my animal jam account for it is disabled:(. I contacted AJHQ and sadly since it is on a different email they couldn't help:( do u know any other way to get into or transfer a disabled account?



    1. Hmm... you could try enabling it again through your Parent Dashboard?

    2. i know u on animal jam im unicorngirl896

  28. Hi Naffy! Could i get to know you on aj thnx im foxpie24

  29. what is the meaning of life

  30. why is the sky blue

  31. Naffy when is your birthday I forgot I heard it was sometime in april i just forgot p.s. my aj user is coolgirl791

  32. oh yeah i also forgot to say i was get you aj bitrthday card if it is in april and hasn't happened yet for this year. or get you a late one thats it i promisse naffy p.s. sorry for bad spelling trying to tpy as fast as i can also coolgirl791

  33. Hi i saw the invetation what does mst mean i live in illinios still coolgirl791

    1. It means Mountain Standard Time. Since you live in Illinois, the time of the party for you would be 5:00 PM. :)

  34. I have tons of questions! And a bunch don't have a meaning. I better start... 1. How long have you been playing Animal Jam? 2. How long have you been on Animal jam whip? 3. Whats your fave den item? 4. Do you have any pets? If so like a dog or a cat? And finally 5. WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF TOMORROW?! [Ok sorry I herd it in a weird movie.] Here's 5. What is your fave animal on Animal jam and irl? Thx for letting me ask some cool questions!

  35. have you met Lemonlily31? She is so sweet! You should buddy her.

  36. I have a question I'm not a member and I would like to add another animal I already have two. How do I make another animal? And how do I make an arctic fox?
    -Dragongrl90(Animal Jam)

  37. do you have a youtube channel ?
    and whats your favorite aj youtuber?

  38. this year march 2019 can we have sheep cloaks in jammaa mart and a new animal called a leggy. its a deer with a sheep body and long legs

  39. hey! im milkshakes, and i wanna know if its hard to work and manage a website all by yourself? Or are you not alone when you made this website? thx!

  40. nafaria how can i become beta?

  41. hi, how can I move my posts on my blog to a new page? Idk if u can answer this lol


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