Sunday, July 15, 2018


so as most of you have probably noticed, i haven't posted on this blog in several weeks.

the reason? i'm just not interested in animal jam anymore.

let's be honest, animal jam is dying. no new content is being added to the game. new animals? we've seen this scheme before. returning dens? boring. spike sales? disgusting. it's the same old story every time. i've simply grown out of the game.

wildworks knows this too. like, you walk into typically heavily-populated lands (take aldan for example) and you don't see as many jammers in the area as you did in, say, 2014. ''famous'' animal jam youtubers such as aparri and wisteriamoon have begun to show less and less interest in the game they make videos about. the community of animal jam on all sorts of social media platforms is losing members. i've noticed significantly less attention being paid towards animal jam in the recent past, and instead, the attention goes towards play wild.

people just don't think animal jam is fun anymore, and as much as i hate to admit it, i am one of those people.

i've found other hobbies - marvel, fortnite, sports, movies, etc. heck, i still play webkinz occasionally because even though there aren't as many people playing nowadays as there were in 2007, the people at webkinz still find ways to make the game enjoyable by releasing new content on a regular basis.

during the last couple of months when i was posting daily, blogging felt like a chore, and a chore is never what i intended blogging to be for me personally. it started out as a hobby, and now, six years later, i've grown up and found other things that i enjoy doing.

i'm going to be a junior in high school. i have (and will continue to have) more important things to do in life, like preparing for college by taking the act test, working hard at getting good grades, and learning how to get by on my own. i need to focus on getting a job and furthering high school tennis career. it sucks to get old but that's just how life is, i guess.

i'm not leaving forever. i'll still be running my little movie review blog i created in april, so please, if you want to talk to me, talk to me there. here's the link: cinematic thoughts

i'll still be on webkinz and chicken smoothie, though not as often. if you need my username for either of those games, leave a comment.

i'm also on fortnite, so if you want to squad up sometime, leave a comment.

i'm still not sure what i'm going to do with this blog. i am 100% for sure not going to delete it - i'd never forgive myself if i did. i'll try my best to post every now and then just to catch up with you guys.

thank you for all the memories. you all have shaped me to become the person i am today. animal jam was a huge part of my life these past six (soon to be seven) years, but this blog was an even bigger part of it.

for the last time (hopefully not the official last time, but for the last time in a while)...

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whip on!