Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Do I Get Lots of Views?

Some jammers out there have just started a blog, and I got a question from one of them! They asked how to get their blog famous. Here are some tips (I hope they are helpful o3o):

1. Topic
When you make a blog, make it on a topic you like! For example, if you want to make a blog with information about computer games, choose which one you'd think that would get a lot of views! Don't forget to pick something you like. Different topics tend to get a different amount of views.

2. Spelling and Grammar
When you post, it is best to use correct spelling and grammar, so your readers don't have to stumble over random words. Here is an example of a bad-quality post:

Hey jammers today's new item is a wind amulet i dont like it that much. what do you think?? well anyways i have to go fed this cat naxt door named bruse. the cat is Tan and has geen eyes. bye jammers. 

Here's a BETTER way to write that post: 

Hey jammers! Today's new item is a Wind Amulet. I don't like it that much, what do you think? Well, anyway, I have to go feed this cat next door named Bruce. The cat is tan and has green eyes. Bye jammers! 

The reason why you don't want bad spelling and grammar is because your readers will stumble over words and make it hard to read. Try to make posts professional-like. If you aren't that good of a writer, maybe blogging isn't your thing.... 

3. Template 
An eye-catching template is a great way to get views! You can choose from dozens of pictures for you blog's background. Don't forget you don't ALWAYS have to use the same template! You can change your template monthly or weekly, like I do depending on the seasons and holidays. 

Good luck, I hope these helped!

A Good Lesson + Wind Amulet

Yeah, hi jammers! I'm back. I told my friend I'd be back on Saturday, so here I am. Today's new item is a Wind Amulet, which goes along with yesterday's update, the new Wind Armor. The Phoenix Armor is still there, though, just not on the model.

Also the new map has changed. I agree that the new map was a bit mashed together like clay, but I thought it was kind of cute. The old map is much more land-like, though, and nobody really loved the new map except me.... :P 

Also, the Easiest Way to Become Famous On AJ poll has ended. Let me share with you the results and what my opinion is: 

19 people voted for YouTube, 5 people for Blogging, 7 for Rares, 7 for Scamming, and 19 for Being Nice. 

YouTube-millions of jammers go on there everyday and watch different jammers' videos. Lots of them get famous for their videos. 

Blogging-a little bit of jammers like to search the web for daily websites about Animal Jam. Some get famous. 

Rares-I don't think many get famous for rares, but some people, the bridge people, do. 

Scamming/Hacking-Yeah, some people get famous....but in a BAD way. 

Being Nice-Hmm, let's see. How many people do you know that are famous for their kindness? I don't know anyone, do you? I wish that people could get famous for being nice and helping people, but, if you think about it, about 70 percent of Animal Jam's jammers need help by being giving an item that they have been scammed on or really want one. Nobody is the mega-machine for rares, are they? No. 

I once heard a saying on a movie, "The world doesn't need more people who are BIG and IMPORTANT, it needs more people who are NICE, COMPASSIONATE, and MERCIFUL! That is who I want to be." Jammers who voted for Being Nice-I agree, it is the BEST way to become famous, but not the EASIEST. 

That's all for today jammers! Remember to keep whipping AND VOTE ON THE MAILTIME POLL! :) 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am quitting. Temporarily...

I am quitting blogging for a.bit. I will be back soon, trust me, because I like blogging. I might  still answer comments and everything, and this break won't last a week, unless something comes up. I have been treated unfairly in real life, so yeah...I also will still be on animal jam, just...not as bye....

A very sad nafaria9, who you can call loser9 or wimpy9

Great Time!

We had a fun time at our party! I know some of you couldn't make it, but don't be sad. If you keep on viewing, we can host a bigger party for 20,000 views! How does that sound? 

Well, since many didn't come, I only took two pictures and a video. Here they are: 

Erm.....yeah. Bye!


PARTY IS NOW!!! Nobody has come be the first! Also, it is 4:00-4:30 MT U.S. TIME!!!!!! PLEASE COME!!

Whoa! Thanks peeps!

When I logged on, I had 6 JAGS. First one? Gift. Second? Gift. Third? Gift. Fourth? Gift. 5th? A thank-you note from skydrain7. 6th? Gift from my friend Valdespar, which was Blue Vines carpet. She is in a stage called "temporary quittting". Don't ask why, but we all will miss her!

Thank you wolves01012 for the gifts, and thank you peaceout703 for the fireplace! Was all that for mailtime or just fanmail? :D I was so surprised! I'm glad you like the blog!

Also, if you are going to send gifts for mailtime, please send them to animalclip. I know animalclip in real life, and she lets me use her account, and since I don't have lots of space for all the fanmail, in the future, please send them to that account. Thanks! That doesn't mean that the gifts sent to my account are terrible. They are so awesome! I will surely include yours in the video, don't worry. :)

That's about it! Bye! Also, the winners have been posted but not have yet received their prizes. I will send those as soon as my mom lets me..... :I Don't forget the party starts in 20 minutes at animalclip's den! No need to send gifts, but they are always accepted! :)

Whip on!

Disco Dance-Off!

Hi. I'm not exactly the happiest of people right now.....yeah. I had a hard night. My mom threw a baby shower for her friend, and it's been making me grumpy. Anyway, the new item is another predicted item, although, for some reason, I thought it would be a ceiling fan. O_O It's a stack of books!

You can change how many stacks you want. Cool. 

The poem contest has finished, so.....the winners will be annouced whenever I get a chance to. 

Also, the party is today. I will only be on for a half hour, so please come! 

My mom also thinks I need to get more fresh air and interact with more people. I INTERACT EVERYDAY! Hmm, where do I go in the morning for 6 hours? SCHOOL. The place filled with people. You don't think I interact? -.- Yesterday we had to do 2 assignments in random people groups. How's that interacting for you? 

Sorry. I'm grumpy. =.= 

I get plenty of fresh air! I usually ride my bike every now and then, and don't forget RECESS at school. I might need to improve in the fresh air segment, but......anyway.....yeah. 

I don't like it when parents tell you to do stuff when you have already done it, and they haven't seen it. 

Well....goodbye jammers! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Credit to vms915!

If you see graphics around my blog that aren't on my graphics tab, most of them are credit to the world's best graphic maker, vms915! :D So, please, if you use some of vms' graphics, give this hammer credit! Thanks!
Now yah satisfied, Quinn? X3

Teacher's Desk

Hiya jammers! Today's new item is a Teacher's Desk, like predicted in the Adventures. It's neat and handy, for whenever you'd want to host a school, or just for fun!

I traded a freedom helmet, top hat, a lava glove, and a dragon glove for an SBI TV. I know, being the expert I am, it was an overtrade. But, come to think of it, I LOVE SBI Televisions! Besides, I had three freedom helmets. Now I only have one, which isn't for trade.... 

Don't forget! This is the last day to enter the contest! Also, please try to make it to the 15,000 party tomorrow! 

REMEMBER! The party is at ANIMALCLIP's DEN in SERVER KOOTENAY. If you are my buddy, you can just follow me to the den. Otherwise, if you are not my buddy, please, PLEASE, log in to server Kootenay and go to that certain den. NOT MINE. That would be such a relief. I don't want to round up all you silly ponies! :3 

I also extended the Animal Jam WhipTunes Playlist. Stay on the blog for really cool music that I like! 

I'm going to put up a poll on mailtime. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it or not. I said "mailtime" on Animal Jam and I got a scamming report. Does AJHQ think mailtime is scamming? I don't wanna scam. I never have, and never will. 

Also, do you like the September background? I had made a header already, but it was too educational-ish.

Besides the fact that most of us kids have school..... 

Happy jamming and whipping everyone! Bye! :) 

P.S. ilovemyfamily153666, I made your signature. I accidentally posted it before the main post. :)

ilovemyfamily153666's Signature

Here's your signature you requested, fam! :D

Monday, August 26, 2013

skydrain7's Signature

You asked for it, and you got it! If anyone else wants a signature, just ask me! :3

Jammer of the Week and Weekly Animal Fact!

I forgot to do JOTW and WAF, so here we go!

This week's lucky jammer is....


This jammer is very funny! She's a great buddy and is fun to be around. She's clever too! :) 

Now for WAF! 

Cool, right? 

Bye jammers!

Just Stuff.

Ello jammers! I'm running out of greetings. >-< Anyway, it's Rare Item Monday, and, as predicted, the Rare is a pair of Rare Nerd Glasses! I like how they decided to bring out a new item, instead of a clone of another item.

Don't forget to enter the Poem Contest! It ends on Thursday! You can enter by clicking the "AWARDS" button on the side of the blog. Also, please try to plan on the 15,000 views party! 

Thanks to xXRobinHoodXx, I got a beehive in Meet Cosmo! Here are some pictures I took along the way. 

So the special animal is a tiger! ^.^ 

Some glitches.... 

Click to enlarge! 
As you can see, I'm an octopus in a burrow. :P 

Yeah, anyway...this is the 2nd week of school for me. Great. :I 

About WhipMail. I don't know, I think mailtime has no point. It's just a video of people opening fanmail, and I love getting gifts and fanmail, but I just don't want to REQUIRE you guys. Any thoughts? 

That's about it....whip on! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Holy pepperoni! I have gotten over 1,000 comments! In the schedule it says a Trivia contest for a 1,000 Comments achievement. Once the Poem Contest is over, we've got a Trivia Contest to hold! Give yourselves a paws-up! .3.

Mailtime? Maybe....

Hello jammers! Today's new item is underwater again, and it goes with yesterday's item. It's the Shell Armor!

I think AJHQ is trying to encourage more animals into the oceans. The new item may be underwater for a while.... 

Anyway, don't forget to enter my poem contest! You can enter it by clicking the "AWARDS" button on the side of the blog. 

The contest also goes with the party! I'll love it if you guys can make it, but if you can't, that's alright. There is always next time! 

Click to enlarge! 

Now, agreeing to the title.... 


I personally never really was a fan of mailtime, so you can call this "WhipMail #1" a Beta Whipmail. :3 

If you do want me to do mailtime, simply just comment! I'll let you know what I'll be doing on Monday, since Sunday's my break-from-blogging day. 

Also, how do you like the new music? I like it, it's interesting and fun! 

Also, I have updated the other blogs tab.... 

About Afro Fox and Chicken Wolf. Do you guys like their stories? I haven't been writing any lately, so I will right now.

That's the whip for today! Whip on! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Blog Music Fixed

Some people didn't like the new music, so I added......


It HAD to be Animal Jam-ish, right? NOW is it better? o3o 

New Blog Music!

I have figured out how to make music on your blog! It's pretty simple, and you can do any song you really want. The song doesn't start until after a few seconds, so if you don't hear anything for about 3 seconds, do not worry. It works quite fine. I love the new music! Do you guys like this song? If not, what songs do you like? Let me know your thoughts! :D


Allo jammers! I'm back, yes, like I said. Today's new item is a Shell Helmet, which is sold in Bahari Bargains.


Speaking of returning items, I really want SBI TVs to return, and maybe Yellow Sweet Walls and Pots of Gems. They're all my favorite-and the worst part is how rare they are. You see, I'm not exactly a great trader, but my knowledge about trading is, well, I don't know, but a lot better than how I trade. It's luck that gets me my rares, not trading.... 

I looked at the counter and what did I see? 15,000 VIEWS! This calls for a contest, along with a party! I've prepared ahead, so here's the invitation! Oh, and thanks to vms915 for the koala graphic! 

Click to enlarge! 

Now, for the contest! Click here to enter! 

That's really all for today, except the new Adventure, Meet Cosmo. 

IT IS SOOOOO LONG! I helped my sister play it, and after what seemed forever (30 minutes), we got nothing but some stupid gems. 

Oh, well. I really want a beehive. If anyone would be willing to show me one, or send me one (o-o) I'd put on a wig and ride up the street on a purple horse. I've done it before. You should try it. :P 

That's the whip! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sorry peeps!

Sorry everyone! I have not posted the last four days. I will definitely get back to regular basis BY Friday. Thanks for being so patient!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh, How We'll Miss You!

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a music in the Diamond Shop, which is the music from the, umm....BASS Camp? I thought it was Base Camp. Stop typing so fast, AJHQ! You're screwing up. :P

But I actually sorta like this music! It would be good for Clan dens, if you ask me. I want to buy it, but I need to wait.


Also, some of you may remember this comment if you've ever visited the Visit AJ Related Stuff and Webkinz! tab..... 

Click to enlarge. 

You see? She's no liar, she's a great person! She must have had problems with her family or something. The situation was dire! No joking, it made me sad when I got this as a Jam-a-Gram. I had no warning or goodbyes or anything from her, just a Diamond Necklace and this note: 


We'll miss you, too, youaremytrueluv98. Everyone, in the comments, say "we'll miss you" if you care as much as I do! 

On to happier news! 

Everyone is trying so hard (maybe too hard o3o) to get rares in Adventures. I never get any rares, but I do as everyone tells me by saving Oliver, the bunny with the blue glasses, last, in the adventure, "Return of the Phantoms". What have you won in Adventures lately? 

I also plan to do a rarity scan on Pirate Swords later today. I have somewhere to be today, at this breakfast fundraiser. Oops, got to go now, goodbye! 

Whip on, jammers! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

puppiesluvpancakes' Signature

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a lantern, and I'm sorry for a late post. I've been busy. puppiesluvpancakes, a new blogger, needs help with her blog, so I made her a signature! I hope you like it, puppies!


In my opinion, I think it looks great! 

That's all I have time for, bye!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer to a Close

Hi jammers! I'm rather disappointed today, but it has nothing to with Animal Jam. Well, it's shut down for an update, but some jammers managed to get some pictures before it did. I was too late. :P

Well, the new item today is a pair of High Heels. >_<
(Picture from Animal Jam Times) 
It of course will NEVER be my favorite item. What do you think of it? 

Also, there's a new Jamaa Journal today, but it's nothing big. Credit to Animal Jam Sky Blog for the pictures! 

The Summer Carnival is on a sale! I remember last year it closed on September 28 or something. 
A remodeling for the Adventure Base Camp, apparently. Hey, do you think that the stone circle looks like the one in Beta times? 

Anyway, that's all of the important stuff. 

I'm sad and excited for school to start. My school starts on Monday. :( :) 

I'm SAD because I really love summer break. No school, swimming, longer days, etc. I'm EXCITED because I'm going to come back with a bunch of news about my summer. >:) 

But today I have decided to let YOU have a free pass to my vacation this year! 

Well, at the beginning of the year, I played tennis for two weeks. THEN I had a very, very belated birthday party with just my family. My aunt and uncle had invited me to a trip to YELLOWSTONE, which is one of the best places in the world. As you can see, I REALLY, REALLY wanted to see wildlife, because I have always loved animals. After we came home, we had seen over 1,000 bison (it seemed like it), 3 coyotes, 5 bears, a wolf, and many more animals. Of course, I've been doing blogging a lot, too, because I have a passion for writing. In early July, we drove down to my uncle's parents' house. They had rented 2 blow-up bouncy houses (one was a waterslide)! They also had set up a little outdoor dining area, my dad brought over these rockets from my birthday (remember that, partyanimalzz? That was fun! :3), and other fun stuff. 

After that I made a tough choice to attend swim team 3 days a week. We usually swim maybe at least 400-800 meters a day, but the REAL bad part is when we forget to either wear a swim cap or put this spray in my hair. My hair is long and thin, so it gets damaged by chlorine. :I 

I also played a lot with partyanimalzz (we know each other in real life, plus, she's one of my best friends). I remember when we saw the adorable gray kitten in my grandparent's backyard, and the other time when we went to Get Air and Northern Ice. Fun, fun days. :3

Lots of other stuff, including meeting you guys! All of my fans out there I've met during this summer. I told my mom I get about 1,000 views a week, and they seem proud. What has YOUR summer been like? 

That's the whip! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Just a group of minutes ago, my trusted and well-known friend by the name of Valdespar was scammed on her 3 Scary Bat Wings by crock52. Please, let's all feel sorry and apologetic for her, because she really loved those items. Besides, she was started a collection! Thank zzmama1238 for her generous self. She traded Valdespar a pair, but since Valdespar's still sad..... 


Oh, PLEASE. Why can't scamming just be zipped out of everyone's brains?!

Kangas and Arctics

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a Giant Kangaroo Plushie, sold in the Diamond Shop!


It looks really cute. Plus, it's for all jammers! But only the lucky Non-Members will get one of these, because there's only one way to get diamonds for NMs-through the Daily Spin! And it's very uncommon to win them. 

Also, if you have ever seen an Arctic Coat on an Arctic Wolf, it may looked a bit like this: 


It doesn't seem glitched, it just looks a bit.....tight? Or maybe it is a glitch. I can't tell where the armholes are or anything, and I see a few holes in it. The orange and purple on it is the Arctic Wolf's fur. Strange. Have you ever seen a clothing item put on a certain animal, and it's all "glitched" like this? 

People have been going crazy for those worn blankies, although you can't go a day without seeing at least 3. People have traded freedom helmets, scary bat wings, etc. Someone even offered me 3 freedom wings! But I instead traded an extra red worn blankie for Blue Shag Carpet. I had gotten an extra red worn for a Beta Well, which was in the Adventures during their testing. 

Also, I'm going to post something amazing on the Rare Item Handbook today....! You better check it out soon! 

That's all I have for today. Remember-keep jamming! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Giving is always the key to bringing friendship together. Whether it's an item, membership, or just a hug, it brings joy to everyone! I would like to name a few of the givers I know. :)

EVERYONE on my buddy list!

You know the saying around Christmas? Christmas is about giving-not getting? Well, I think you DO get after you give. You get friendship and happiness!

So give, give, give! And you'll have a happier life. :) 

The Golden Wattle

Hi jammers! I've gotta be quick today. I have somewhere to be before 7:30 am MT. The new item for today is a Golden Wattle, which is supposedly an Australian plant. I don't have time to look it up right now.

That's really all I have time for today. I still can't believe I got a red worn blankie! :3 If you want to learn more about Worn Blankies, click here

Alright. Bye jammers! I'll see you when I get back, hopefully. 

Monday, August 12, 2013


Guess what, guys and gals? This is my lucky day!!!!!!!!!! I traded a silver spiked collar (in Diamond Shop) for a Pirate Sword!!!!!! It's orange!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a purple worn blanket, then I might trade you my sword for it.

Wait, just traded it for a red worn blanket. o3o


Contest Winner

Hey jammers! Today is Rare-Item-Monday, which means the new item is......

Erm, Rare Cool Hair. What happened to this hair, was pesto sauce mixed with it? o3o 

Okay. Whew. A lot of things going on today. JOTW, WAF....but THIS is what you've been waiting for! The winner of the raffle! And the number is..... 

14! Let's see who was closest. 

Oh, a new guest! The winner is..... leila9! 

Congratulations! Your reindeer antlers will be 

Alright, and for the rest of the post! 

Now for JOTW! Who is it this time? 

Me and her love to play together. It's real fun! She always likes to start a party and have a good time. I like those things about her a lot. :) 

Now for WAF! WAF is Weekly Animal Fact. I will choose a fact and paste it on here that I think might interest you. Here's this week's WAF: 

Cool, right? 

Well, that's the Whip for now! Keep playing Adventures if you want to win something amazing. :) Bye! Whip on!