Monday, August 12, 2013

Contest Winner

Hey jammers! Today is Rare-Item-Monday, which means the new item is......

Erm, Rare Cool Hair. What happened to this hair, was pesto sauce mixed with it? o3o 

Okay. Whew. A lot of things going on today. JOTW, WAF....but THIS is what you've been waiting for! The winner of the raffle! And the number is..... 

14! Let's see who was closest. 

Oh, a new guest! The winner is..... leila9! 

Congratulations! Your reindeer antlers will be 

Alright, and for the rest of the post! 

Now for JOTW! Who is it this time? 

Me and her love to play together. It's real fun! She always likes to start a party and have a good time. I like those things about her a lot. :) 

Now for WAF! WAF is Weekly Animal Fact. I will choose a fact and paste it on here that I think might interest you. Here's this week's WAF: 

Cool, right? 

Well, that's the Whip for now! Keep playing Adventures if you want to win something amazing. :) Bye! Whip on! 


  1. Kewl! :3 Thanks nafaria!(btw I got free chat now! Whee!) ~puppiesluvpancakes

  2. Congrats to the raffle winner!!!! -throws cookies and confetti into da air- ;D


    Btw guess what?! I got a RARE spike!!!!!! Was this a fair trade for it? Freedom wings, april monthly gift coffee maker, beta tiara with purple jewel,oh and something else i keep forgetting! Lol well happy jamming! Btw love ur blog! I hope somday its as popular as AJ Spirit!

    1. Oh i forgot to tell u! It was a red short RARE spike! :D

    2. Thank you! I'm glad you got a spike, you seem so happy!

  3. Hey nafaria, I want to make an AJ blog. What do I need to have to make it? ~puppiesluvpancakes

    1. Ok, so, you'll need an email. And maybe a Google account. You search up "blogger", then click make an account. You can make however many blogs you desire, and you can choose their title, backgrounds, fonts, and more. Just let me know when you're ready for the advanced stuff!


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