Friday, August 23, 2013

New Blog Music!

I have figured out how to make music on your blog! It's pretty simple, and you can do any song you really want. The song doesn't start until after a few seconds, so if you don't hear anything for about 3 seconds, do not worry. It works quite fine. I love the new music! Do you guys like this song? If not, what songs do you like? Let me know your thoughts! :D


  1. It's pretty! I love it! Cool idea! :D


  2. Derpy Hooves

    Is it okay if you can post music from another country? Like Japan? I'm not from japan but i love their culture and music, you can post english versions of japanese songs cuz i wanted to listen to "Matryoshka" by Hastune Miku and Gumi Megpoid, they are really popular and there are a lot of english versions of the song.

  3. Derpy Hooves

    Then again its kind of annoying...


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