Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Disco Dance-Off!

Hi. I'm not exactly the happiest of people right now.....yeah. I had a hard night. My mom threw a baby shower for her friend, and it's been making me grumpy. Anyway, the new item is another predicted item, although, for some reason, I thought it would be a ceiling fan. O_O It's a stack of books!

You can change how many stacks you want. Cool. 

The poem contest has finished, so.....the winners will be annouced whenever I get a chance to. 

Also, the party is today. I will only be on for a half hour, so please come! 

My mom also thinks I need to get more fresh air and interact with more people. I INTERACT EVERYDAY! Hmm, where do I go in the morning for 6 hours? SCHOOL. The place filled with people. You don't think I interact? -.- Yesterday we had to do 2 assignments in random people groups. How's that interacting for you? 

Sorry. I'm grumpy. =.= 

I get plenty of fresh air! I usually ride my bike every now and then, and don't forget RECESS at school. I might need to improve in the fresh air segment, but......anyway.....yeah. 

I don't like it when parents tell you to do stuff when you have already done it, and they haven't seen it. 

Well....goodbye jammers! 


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