Monday, August 26, 2013

Just Stuff.

Ello jammers! I'm running out of greetings. >-< Anyway, it's Rare Item Monday, and, as predicted, the Rare is a pair of Rare Nerd Glasses! I like how they decided to bring out a new item, instead of a clone of another item.

Don't forget to enter the Poem Contest! It ends on Thursday! You can enter by clicking the "AWARDS" button on the side of the blog. Also, please try to plan on the 15,000 views party! 

Thanks to xXRobinHoodXx, I got a beehive in Meet Cosmo! Here are some pictures I took along the way. 

So the special animal is a tiger! ^.^ 

Some glitches.... 

Click to enlarge! 
As you can see, I'm an octopus in a burrow. :P 

Yeah, anyway...this is the 2nd week of school for me. Great. :I 

About WhipMail. I don't know, I think mailtime has no point. It's just a video of people opening fanmail, and I love getting gifts and fanmail, but I just don't want to REQUIRE you guys. Any thoughts? 

That's about it....whip on! 


  1. Last night i had a HUGE thunderstorm! Our family peach tree split in half!! :(

    I was REALLY scared cause there was wind up to 60 MPF! Lots of lightning and thunder too! Thankfully, everyone is allright! :D


    1. My peach tree nearly fell over, too, because it had so many peaches!

  2. That's good everyone is okay! Also I can't come to the party D: I have doctor's appointment that day. Rare Nerd glasses yay :D - xXRobinHoodXx

  3. XD the nerd glasses was in the adventures then it is a rare item monday... I thought it was rare. Nafaria can i hav a signature?-skydrain7

  4. OH my blog name is animal jam nations. XD Just put these " " Around the animal jam nations then u can view my blog and I really need a signature. PLZ and thank you. Oh someone scammed my friend 2day. I cant use my youtube and I did mailtime on my blog. My friend wolves01012 gave me a gecko banner and epicaniml57230 gave me a rare bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-skydrain7


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