Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mailtime? Maybe....

Hello jammers! Today's new item is underwater again, and it goes with yesterday's item. It's the Shell Armor!

I think AJHQ is trying to encourage more animals into the oceans. The new item may be underwater for a while.... 

Anyway, don't forget to enter my poem contest! You can enter it by clicking the "AWARDS" button on the side of the blog. 

The contest also goes with the party! I'll love it if you guys can make it, but if you can't, that's alright. There is always next time! 

Click to enlarge! 

Now, agreeing to the title.... 


I personally never really was a fan of mailtime, so you can call this "WhipMail #1" a Beta Whipmail. :3 

If you do want me to do mailtime, simply just comment! I'll let you know what I'll be doing on Monday, since Sunday's my break-from-blogging day. 

Also, how do you like the new music? I like it, it's interesting and fun! 

Also, I have updated the other blogs tab.... 

About Afro Fox and Chicken Wolf. Do you guys like their stories? I haven't been writing any lately, so I will right now.

That's the whip for today! Whip on! 


  1. It would be fun to do, but whats the point of mailtime?


    1. Animal jam outfitters is changed!!!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!

    2. I know, that's the part of mailtime I don't get. It's just people opening gifts, but I'm just gonna try it out. Anyway, lemme look at Outfitters...

    3. Hey! What did ur Dad say about a email?


    4. Agh....well, you see, we have had a garage sale in the past few days, so he hasn't been home much. I will ask him tonight, since tonight is when we are finished.

    5. Oh ok!


  2. Outfitters has changed! Also I will look into the contest :D - xXRobinHoodXx


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