Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hi and the Vijas

Hi jammers! I'm home, like you've probably noticed. I'm just doing a mini post to post my entry for Kinyonga's story contest! This story is about creatures that I had made a tale up of when I was about 7 years old-the Vijas! I wrote this informational report about 2 years ago, when I first started 4th grade. I edited the mistakes I had made to make it better. Well, anyway, here it is! :3 

The Vijas
A story told by nafaria9 (Animal Jam Username)
Once upon a time, back in the 1970's, there was a huge explosion in Texas, U.S., North America, when green smoke filled the air. One man said, "The time has come for very unusual creatures-the VIJAS!" Of course, he was a scientist, and had prepared and studied these creatures in his spare time. After the explosion, the Vijas had been formed. They helped the people in Texas for many years, with their businesses, generosity, and talents. But, unexpectedly, after all these years, things began to change.
One night, a little Vija heard a very small, soft sound, which woke him up. The small sound said, "Beware of the blazing sun. You and your friends are built for the chilly breezes. You won't survive here." The next day, that Vija told his friends the message. They understood, because of the slimy sweat that fell from their long, green antennae they had noticed recently.  They told their kings and queens the message. They agreed to move to Idaho, another and more northern state, where the weather was nice and cold throughout the year. No day was too hot for these strange monsters. If one soul began to sweat, they remembered the message, and that this place was meant for survival.
After they settled in, that same Vija heard that small, soft voice again. The voice whispered, "Now that you can survive, you have the power to do anything you wish. A little suggestion I want to make: DESTROY THE PEOPLE OF IDAHO!"
Sadly, the Vija told his friends and the kings and queens, and none of them disagreed. Very little time after that, they started attacking the people of Idaho. Well, that was the story about how the Vijas changed, got formed, and their most biggest part of their lives so far. I'll tell you a bit more about them, from what I've learned.
Vijas are very small, but rarely big. The small Vijas go out at dusk and dawn, while they follow the big Vijas commands and what they do. It's kind of like the teamwork of bees. They follow their queens' commands. I think that's how it goes. Anyway, I bet you've figured this out already. The bigger Vijas are the commanders and are very helpful with creating inventions. They are also very handy with tools. Each Vija works daily. They attack with new and old weapons against us. They do that at a certain part of the day, which is noon. Just beware of the Vijas at that certain time!
There are very few female Vijas. Female Vijas are mostly the bigger Vijas. There are two-four big Vija males, and all the workers are male. But, like I said, Vijas relate to bees, kind of. The queens are female, but I don't think any of the workers are female.
The Vijas habitat used to be Texas, but I bet you know that from the beginning story. Then they moved up to a random mountain in Idaho. They did that because of the strange command. The name of the mountain they live in today is currently unknown, as well as who sent the horrifying command. We need more evidence.

Vijas don't seem very powerful, not to mention their size. The bigger Vijas are about the size of a 4-year-old, while the smaller ones are the size of 2-year-olds. Yet they aren't alone-different creatures help them while they do some of their business. One of them is the Googlebird. The Googlebird is black with orange eyes. They go out in mornings and times of the day and try to steal your coats, jackets, sweaters, and things like that that keep you warm on chilly days. Then they bring them back to the Vijas. No one knows what they do with them.
Second, the Hot Pink Flying Dino. This predator is big, and flies house to house to grab any outdoor equipment that you left outside before you went in. Remember to always clean up the equipment that you use outside before you go in so the Hot Pink Flying Dino doesn't steal it! And again, nobody knows what the Vijas do with them.
Last, the Long Eyed Beetle. This small bug catches all the footage of everything happening in the area it's in. It places spy cameras everywhere, which might take some footage of you! It also stretches its VERY long eyes to look over huge rocks, big hills, etc. Just look out for that mischievous creature! Again, no one knows what the Vijas do with all that footage.
Many scientists study the Vijas today, and they get Vija info by their tracks, litter, and hair. Vijas are mammals, and their hair comes off a lot. But if you spot anything you might think is evidence from the Vijas, you should talk to your parents about your evidence. Then, if you can, take it to a Vija Scientist Lab. They might figure it out. Become a Vija Scientist today by doing these things. Maybe you could help stop the Vijas. The more evidence we have, the more we can learn about them. The more we learn about them, the more we can be able to fight back! Help the war today! 

I hope I win something will this story, because I thought of ideas for about an hour, staring at a Pillow Pet. Then typing up a story about mice which was a FAILURE, a story about a bison calf who gets sucked into another planet which was also a FAILURE. Then I remembered this story. 

I plan to become an author/artist/explorer/photographer/pet doctor when I grow up. There's just so many stuff to choose from, although I hate math. >:U 
Well, see you tomorrow!

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  1. That's a great story I love writing. I'm entering kinyonga's contest too. I've learned writing is a powerful thing.
    ~ dooda123


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