Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh, How We'll Miss You!

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a music in the Diamond Shop, which is the music from the, umm....BASS Camp? I thought it was Base Camp. Stop typing so fast, AJHQ! You're screwing up. :P

But I actually sorta like this music! It would be good for Clan dens, if you ask me. I want to buy it, but I need to wait.


Also, some of you may remember this comment if you've ever visited the Visit AJ Related Stuff and Webkinz! tab..... 

Click to enlarge. 

You see? She's no liar, she's a great person! She must have had problems with her family or something. The situation was dire! No joking, it made me sad when I got this as a Jam-a-Gram. I had no warning or goodbyes or anything from her, just a Diamond Necklace and this note: 


We'll miss you, too, youaremytrueluv98. Everyone, in the comments, say "we'll miss you" if you care as much as I do! 

On to happier news! 

Everyone is trying so hard (maybe too hard o3o) to get rares in Adventures. I never get any rares, but I do as everyone tells me by saving Oliver, the bunny with the blue glasses, last, in the adventure, "Return of the Phantoms". What have you won in Adventures lately? 

I also plan to do a rarity scan on Pirate Swords later today. I have somewhere to be today, at this breakfast fundraiser. Oops, got to go now, goodbye! 

Whip on, jammers! 



  2. That's sad they left! - xXRobinHoodXx

  3. Goodbye I will miss you hope you meet new friends there youaremytrueluv98

  4. I'll miss you youaremytrueluv981.-cyacheer

  5. we will miss you @youaremytrueluv98!! you were a gtreat person in jamaa!
    p.s. a bunch of peeps keep using nicknames lol.

  6. I got rare angel wings on hard mode
    We'll miss you!

  7. Goodbye I will miss you ( and I ROFLED AT YOUR COMMENT ABOUT THE MUSIC XD)

  8. Derpy Hooves

    Lol I always save Oliver last...we will miss you!!

  9. :( This is true, she sent me a jam a gram to :( So sad. We'll miss you Youaremytruelove98

  10. Yeah, I got this jamaa gram from her ;'( Bye


  11. Where is Nafaria? I am worried......


    1. Me too. I am very

  12. we will miss u youaremytruelove98, though i nevr met you, ill still miss you. hope you come back to AJ


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