Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pet Spider Plushie!

Hiya jammers! Today's new item goes along well with our zucchini-legged friend, the Pet Spider Plushie! It's body also looks like grape jello.

I'd really like to show with you some more pictures, but somebody took out my memory card out of the computer, so we might have to wait. Sorry! 

Also, thank you for all who are supporting my story in Kinyonga's Writing Contest! :D Click here to visit my entry! I literally laid on the carpet for about 45 minutes or so, brainstorming about my entry. My mom thought I was having a stare-off with my brother's Pillow Pet. Of course, all the Pillow Pets have names. I can tell you that story later. Now you're going to comment, "Hey! You should have entered that story in." Well, first of all, it's funny but not that great. You'll have to read and find out, once I get the chance to type it up.

I hope you guys enjoy the new mouse when you visit the blog! I updated a few new tabs as well as the gadgets itself.

Oh, and a mistake AJHQ has made! If you didn't get the RIM on Monday, you still can! AJHQ hasn't removed it from the stores yet! Thank you chocolate4050 for pointing that out!

(Picture courtesy to Animal Jam Sky Blog)\

I've also made a new contest blog! There's a raffle going on, so be sure to enter! Click here to visit it!

That's it for today, jammers! Bye, and Whip on!

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