Thursday, August 8, 2013

Outback Imports and Spiked Collars

Hi jammers! Sorry for such a late post, I can't be on much today. Today is UPDATE DAY! And the new item is surprisingly for the month of August-a spiked collar! Please, nobody get upset, there are completely new colors. Your spike collars are still rare! :D


The silver ones are very popular. A saw an Arctic Wolf offer a mummy glove for one. O_O I'm going to get one next Tuesday. Which color should I get? Blue, silver, or yellow?

Well, the next fun part of the update! A new store! 

I like how they're made out of stone. I think they are sandstone furniture. What stone do you think they're made out of? 

That's all for now, bye jammers! 


  1. Derpy Hooves

    I'm glad its only 3 diamonds, this way, i can save up! But it's gonna be a school week from now on :(

    1. Me too! 3 diamonds is pretty cheap, although nearly everyone needs to realize diamonds are pretty hard to get. I don't like it when people complain about that their rares are being sold. Diamonds are super hard to get!


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