Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Work is Done-Sorta.

It appears like our work is done! I was searching up random jammers (I'm sure when you're bored you look up jammers, don't you? ^.^), and I came across the hacker dens:


Yes, I didn't spell anything wrong. This is THE dens we all know. He has been banned from Animal Jam! Yay! There's no more hacking to worry about! :D 

But, wait! Just because dens was banned doesn't mean the real-life dens is dead or something. He could still use his not-so-clever accounts to hack others. :( WHOEVER YOU ARE, STOP HACKING! STOP SCAMMING! STOP CHEATING! YOU ARE THE MOST HATED PERSON ON ANIMAL JAM! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU ARE THE MOST CARELESS AS WELL! YOU ONLY CARE FOR RARES AND NOTHING ELSE. YOU DON'T EVEN CARE FOR YOUR FRIENDS, DWEEB! 

There, I said it. I don't want to judge other people's behavior, but this kind of acting is just unacceptable. I can't believe it. >:( 

Can you?


  1. ummmmm they didn't ban him. if your not on for like 3 months, it goes to that player card.

    1. He could still be banned though, but your opinion seems reasonable too!

  2. AHHH!!! I MET RUSSIAN2000 IN ALADAN!! HE SAID HE IS GOING TO HACK ME!! Well sorta. I jam a grammed him saying if he is dens he said I'M GONNA HACK YOU! No kidding. Also bepper is a hacker cuz she has 1 of the same animal names as dens. Handsome icypaw i think? IF HE HACKS ME!! Well he will regret it.-skydrain7

    1. Change your password!
      Don't go into Aldan ever again (unless for a good reason)!
      Try not to send him anymore letters! Try to stay in the shadows!
      If he DOES hack you I'll give you my wizard hat! ;(((

    2. OH AND ALSO HE WAS WITH LEONARDO5000!!!! Well he dosen't know my password! I met him at coral canyons.

    3. -gasps- I heard you tell me once that Leonardo was Solidblue02! Thank Mira he doesn't know your password!


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