Friday, August 9, 2013

Tool Bench & Funny Picture

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Hey jammers! Today's new item is sold in the new shop. It's a Stone Carved Tool Bench! 

I wanna show you a funny picture of an elk. I took this, and I literally could reach my arm out and honk the elk's nose. I took this back in June. 


Hehe. Well, I'm off to this camp called Heber Valley. But don't worry, I'll be back posting on Monday. Last year, we saw 17 deer in 2 days! Do you think I can beat it this year? 

I also think I'm going to start doing a Weekly Animal Fact, aka WAF. Does that sound cool? 

Okay, jammers, that's all I have time for today! Wish me luck, and I'll give you....the rest of the pictures from my previous trip. My dad found the memory card! That's the whip-bye! 


  1. That sounds awesome! I loveeeeeeeeeee animals! I'm CRAZY about animals actually! I would love it if you did the WAF


    Btw i can tell ppl about ur blog if u want! :D


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