Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Do I Get Lots of Views?

Some jammers out there have just started a blog, and I got a question from one of them! They asked how to get their blog famous. Here are some tips (I hope they are helpful o3o):

1. Topic
When you make a blog, make it on a topic you like! For example, if you want to make a blog with information about computer games, choose which one you'd think that would get a lot of views! Don't forget to pick something you like. Different topics tend to get a different amount of views.

2. Spelling and Grammar
When you post, it is best to use correct spelling and grammar, so your readers don't have to stumble over random words. Here is an example of a bad-quality post:

Hey jammers today's new item is a wind amulet i dont like it that much. what do you think?? well anyways i have to go fed this cat naxt door named bruse. the cat is Tan and has geen eyes. bye jammers. 

Here's a BETTER way to write that post: 

Hey jammers! Today's new item is a Wind Amulet. I don't like it that much, what do you think? Well, anyway, I have to go feed this cat next door named Bruce. The cat is tan and has green eyes. Bye jammers! 

The reason why you don't want bad spelling and grammar is because your readers will stumble over words and make it hard to read. Try to make posts professional-like. If you aren't that good of a writer, maybe blogging isn't your thing.... 

3. Template 
An eye-catching template is a great way to get views! You can choose from dozens of pictures for you blog's background. Don't forget you don't ALWAYS have to use the same template! You can change your template monthly or weekly, like I do depending on the seasons and holidays. 

Good luck, I hope these helped!


  1. Cool! I'm going to try this with my blog, thanks for sharing tips! Maybe someday I will become AWESOME like you XD:DDDD

  2. Nice tips! I am new to blogging XD - xXRobinHoodXx

  3. wow! My comment made a post! it's amazing how ideas pop out of no where.-cyacheer

  4. Sorry if this is a weird or nosy comment XD, but are there any other authors on this blog? Or are you possibly looking to add an author/authors?

    1. Nope, there are no other authors on this blog. I've always kind of wanted this to be my own blog, with nobody else posting on it and stuff. Besides, my blogger account uses my mom's email, and I bet you she won't say yes. Sorry about that!

    2. No problem! I was just kinda wondering, your blog is great as it is! I sometimes ask random questions XD :)


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