Monday, September 2, 2013

More Predictions!?

Ello jammers! Today's new item is the item for Rare Item Monday, which is a Rare Aviator Hat. 

This item WAS predicted on the Adventures, because I got it on Saturday. I also got a Gold Chain Necklace, which is an unreleased item! There's also the Silver Chain Necklace, which is unreleased but Non-Member. Also, here's a picture of a Rare Royal Blanket I found in Jamaa 2 days ago: 

I want that! It looks so cute, warm, and fuzzy. :P 

Oh! Here's an additional tip to making your blog a "success": 

4. Post Daily 
Not many jammers will read your blog if you don't keep it active very much. Sure, they may look through your tabs and old posts, but you should try your best to post daily. Remember, some people have international viewers, so they post about 1:00 am.  >.< If you can do that-which I can't, I need sleep-then everyone can enjoy your blog! If you want to check how many people and where view your blog, click on Stats, then Audience. There is a map of the world on this page. Whatever areas are covered in light or dark green, those are the countries international jammers are viewing your blog! 

Hope that helped. :) 

Also, it's now September, and it's Labor Day already. Halloween is coming up soon, and I'm planning on having a Spooky Party or something. What are your plans for this upcoming holiday?

Now, for WAF and JOTW! 

This lucky jammer is RainbowCat1! 

She is a great viewer and commenter on this blog. She comments nicely because she is pretty nice! I recommend trying to meet her on AJ. 

Now for WAF.... 


Thanks for viewing! Keep on doing it! :3 
P.S. I'm going to put up the 1,000 Comments Trivia Contest today.


  1. Cool post! Haha I just saw you on AJ and posted on my blog XD:D You should have a party I would come! :D

  2. hey nafaria i got something i really wanted GREEN RARE BOWS!!!!!! oh and also can you go to my den and put it on epic dens?? avalanche25000

  3. and also im pretty rare check me out to nafaria it would be great if you get me on your epic dens i will love it. avalanche25000

    1. Congratulations on your item! I'll check out your den as soon as I can.

  4. Very cool post! I predict chain necklaces will come out soon! - xXRobinHoodXx

  5. I'm excited because my birthday is on Thursday!!

  6. Thanks nafaria! I am also jammer of the month on another blog! Hehee! I guess ppl like me! Thanks for saying those nice things! :D oh byw i can't get the rare item monday! Could someone get me 2 or three for me? Thanks! So sorry about that!


  7. I can get you some! - xXRobinHoodXx

  8. I agree that the blanket looks so warm and fuzzy! :D


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