Monday, September 23, 2013

Rare Skull Helmet and Costumes

Hello jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday with a rare just in time for Halloween-a Rare Skull Helmet!

Speaking of Halloween, the Night of the Phantoms is coming up! Which means it would be fun if everyone wore a costume on AJ. Wouldn't that be cool? I can post ideas later on.

I'm a bit jumpy. I need to go to the restroom. >.<

Aah. So much better. Anyway, please plan on the party! One of you asked for an after-party, which I can try to schedule. Here's the invitation again! Oh, and also, you can enter the contest by clicking the side button called AWARDS.

All for now, bye!


  1. Hopefully I can come! :D - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. I think i can come nafaria! :D
    Hopefully see ya there Robin!


  3. ugh!!!!!! my teacher cam up with a stupid rule that parents can't help you with your homework! and i need help with my ceasers english!-cyacheer

  4. I'll probs make it! My cousin on AJ is letting me borrow her witch hat.


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