Friday, September 20, 2013

Cones, Collars, Contests, and Chrysanthemums

Hello again my crazily fun viewers! Today's new item is a Cone Collar, sold in the Medical Center.

I had a feeling this would come out. It looks like a gigantic, circular boombox or something. At least it's not human-ish! 

Anyway, I'm so sorry for such a delay on the 20,000 views party and contest. I will hopefully finish the invitation tonight and post it on Saturday morning. If not, Monday afternoon/morning would be the AT THE LATEST.

For the contest, I've been thinking of changing the Raffle Contest to a Guess That Alpha contest. The contest will be up tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience! 

Another side topic! I visited my neighbor's cat yesterday, along with a couple flowers called chrysanthemums and some cows. I took a few pictures (not the cows):

Sorry, the last one has bad quality. >.<

My favorite is the flower one. Which ones are your favorites?

That's all for today, goodbye!


  1. I like the third one the most but they are all good! - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. That orange flower is pretty! My second favorite color is orange! Also guess the alpha contest sounds fun. And I can't wait for the party!-cyacheer

  3. Hey nafaria! My blog has a new design, you can check it out :D

    I think i like the flower one and third ^.^

  4. hey nafaria i am so good at alphas. i think I'm going to win because i know all of them really and got the rarest type of rare bows the orange i traded my pink one for it and if u guys want to learn glitches I'm the master!!!! ~Avalanche25000

  5. i now know all the alpha's i know them all and what type of is the prizes for the contest!!! ~Avalanche25000~

  6. I like the flower, too!



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