Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mosquito Bites + School

I'm back from school. Finally. What a day! I figured out I have 5 mosquito bites from when we went to look for deer on this walking path on Sunday. Here's the story!

Nothing was heard but the careful breezes that swept the branches and the twigs and chips breaking and cracking to the beat of the human steps. "Shh," one said to her siblings. The younger sister at the age of 5 years was the loudest and whiniest at the moment. The older sister, the more focused and interested one, glared at her little sister. The group continued to walk.

There was a sudden rumble in the brambles. Hopping out came a female deer, which then jumped over a fence and into the fields. The older sister glared and the younger sister with a hot face. "You guys missed it!" she said. "You guys missed the deer!" It's all her fault, the older sister thought. She's been talking so loudly the bigger creatures in this place are all scared of her! The younger sister was whining even more when the oldest sister declared that the family split up at the intersection. After all, the parents of the group had discovered that their allergic son had been bitten by a mosquito.

The father and son left the path to put on some medicine for the bites. The youngest of the family, the littlest sister, had begun to cry again, because she wanted to be with her dad. The older sister rolled her eyes. That was the last straw. The oldest sister was here to look for animals, not to listen to cries, whines, and loud noises. The mother spoke with the younger sister. After their talk, the little sister ran as fast as she could to her daddy.

"Let's sit down on these rocks," the mom suggested. It was just the older sister and the mother now. "There's gotta be more in those bushes and trees." The duo sat and waited for about 5 minutes. That's when a twisty smell came from behind the sticks. "EWW!" the older daughter plugged her nose. The putrid odor was the scent of.....a skunk!?

Yeah, that's when we had to leave. Story is all over now. :P Then at school today I realized I had gotten some bites, too. Thank goodness I'm not allergic, like my brother!

Now, for the school part of the day!

My grade, every year, gets to go to the Redwoods National Park. We graders have to earn our trip by fundraising money. So, during lunch, all of us got together with the teachers and principal. This year was going to be new-we were starting a Student Council. There were the normal jobs, like President, Secretary, and Treasurer, but there was one that I was particularly interested in-Historian. I HATE history, but get this-the person elected for this job would have the duty to write on the school's blog about what we, as a Student Council, did that day, including planning, fundraising, and more! What do you get when you put them together? BLOGGING! :D I'm thinking of running for this blog. My teacher even gave me a wink when it was mentioned! I hope I get the job....but I have 5 blogs to run. Will 6 cause a disturbance with time?

Sorry for such a long post....I had nothing else to do. PLEASE ENTER MY CONTEST! Alright. Enter it now....or else.


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