Monday, September 30, 2013

No More Scamming/Hacking!

Hello jammers! It's Rare Item Monday! The RIM for today is....

A Rare Wavy Bookshelf for ALL JAMMERS! Add some color to your den with this epic item!

Also, I have spotted a couple glitches!

Interesting! These pictures will be uploaded to the Glitches! tab. 

On to a bigger note....

Don't you just HATE scamming and hacking? I'm completely SICK of this madness. Jammers that played during Beta Period have told us that the Trade System didn't exist, and there were no rampages, no crying jammers, and no fights. I'd like to have the Trade System without this kind of behavior, and I'm sure everyone who doesn't scam/hack does as well. I'm not sure if there is a way to put an end to this besides being cautious and not as item-hungry. 

On Saturday me and a few other jammers put together a No-More-Scamming event where your animal would turn completely yellow and hop. I think even some jammers said, "If you scam, be black and jump over there!" Were they looking for a fight? :I Thankfully nobody listened.

There's also been a few signs about a new hacker with a new hacking method-fman122. It has been said that he sends you a JAG, which secretly sends two other unexpected gifts-a virus that may break your computer, and your AJ account could be put in danger. Do NOT open any mail from him, and don't try to get near him at ALL. This rumor has been notified by many other blogs, so here's my warning to you: BEWARE!

Well, it's 7:00 AM for me. Time to get ready for school! Bye bye! No more scamming!


  1. Ahh! Another hacker! That sounds serious what he does. Why do people only care about rares? AJ invented this game to have fun peeps not to be rare or epic! Also lucky's bone is very dangerous and it's a sharp as a knife (he cut me and my mom). Another thing is ... I GOT MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!!! I love it ok so thats why I'm freaking out. Cool rare today too. -cyacheer P.S. sorry about the long coment.

  2. P.P.S nice glitches my brother (avalanche25000) knows a lot more so ask him to learn some-cyacheer

    1. Also fman122 has another account fman12 he has the same acievements and names and looks. I'm trying to find his main user. Hope that helps!-cyacheer

  3. you got awesome blog! keep good work ;)))

  4. guys can we stop talking about fman122? all this talk about him is creeping me out,,, no offense..

  5. I have a secret. Fman122 jam a grammed me and it was a founder hat but guess what? I declined the founder. So I was at aldan seeing if any people wants my raccoon tail then I was at coral canyons and I saw him. Anyway it doesn't matter if you open the gifts. It depends if you keep the gift. Then the virus will open and shut up YOUR WIFI OOO I don't care about fman122. He is just a sad hacker like solidblue02. If he hacks any one of us I will email AJHQ or make my dad call AJ. At least AJ cares about scamming and hacking. Fman122 is a hacker for rares and being famous so don't give him what he wants. Be a JAMMER NOT A SCAMMER!-skydrain7

    1. Anna,

      Thanks! I'm glad to hear that! :)


      I hate talking about him as much as you do. This may as well be the last and first time I'd ever mention him.


      That was so courageous of you to decline that Founder. Founder's Hats are your favorite item, aren't they? I am so happy that you declined it. If you get anymore mail, I'm sure you know what to do. :)

      Happy jamming!

    2. I accepted a gift from him once, it was a lava glove.. Never would accept a gift from him again, lost my rare spike and headdress, along with everything else, but they were my favorite items..
      - Automaton

  6. (Can you please get me the RIM my computer is doing a virus scan and it's taking forever) He jam-a-gram-ed yesterday! He asked, " I want your angel wings" then he tried to trade me a spiked collar for it' Then he sent me two gifts at the same time. Luckily, my computer has AntiVirus™ (Not a MMG spike either :T) I changed my password after that. Btw, I am going on a trading spree! I traded the shark fin for a rare fox hat! 030 Now I see more people getting Rare Bat Wings!

  7. Im gonna do something like the no scamming thing :D

  8. Okay guys I have an important update. I am posting this on May 21st 2014. Fman is back, again!!! I am not just being paranoid though... I got a gift from him yesterday! His virus has changed since his last big hack. He no longer sends you a gift that looks like it has a rare in it. The JAG he sends you looks like this description- the message "Thanks for playing with me!" will be displayed two places on the JAG. No picture will be displayed behind the messages. It will also has a loading circle. And things like #358 #853 and stuff at the bottom and where the name should be. Sometimes you don't even have to click the gift it just comes up. If this happens log out or refresh your page. After this the JAG will be gone. Be careful! ��

    1. thats creepy i just figured out who fman122 and recycled beards it scares me
      btw there the same person

  9. hi if you want to go to my blog its

    your friend ,Hannah btw my aj account is . hannahajlover

  10. Fman122 is something we all need to worry about in animal jam. First, we need to keep our dens locked at all times, let no one in your den for safety. Second, remove all of the jam-a-grams you have or stay away from the jam-a-gram button. Third, block fman122 only!!!! And last, Report him for scamming and inappropriate behavior. Stay safe jammers and jam on.


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