Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hello jammers across the world! Today's new item is a moustache, sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

Funky. I won't be buying this though. And anyway, wouldn't March be a better time for these to arrive? 

Anyway, I was visiting Club Geoz and I saw a band of punks with moustaches. Coach, the one with the pink, spiky hair, said he had washed it in the little pond next to the missing River Race. Pretty weird stuff!

That wolf isn't him, though.

Anyway, yesterday I went on the Hive Adventure and I got an Orange Alpha Stone! Here are some more screenshots:

It seems that elephants and horses are the secret animals! I never got a picture of the horse thing, though. 

And that king looks clumsy. :P 

So....I guess this is it for today! Also, please don't visit the Fun Stuf page. I was on it and accidentally clicked DELETE, so now I have to redo it all. Which comic was your favorite or least favorite? Should I bring new ones in and old ones out?

Oh! Last thing. Camp2014 wanted me to advertise her contest. Please click here to enter!

Have a good Saturday! I felt as if yesterday was Saturday. Hmm. Okay, goodbye!


  1. Thanks nafaria. You are really nice. And just a wee reminder to anyone wanting to enter, it ends on October 2nd

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