Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hi jammers! Today's new item is a Phantom Lockbox, sold in the new Adventure shop!

Quite detailed. I think they should make another item for Non-Members next.

Not much to talk about today, really. When I was trying out the Hard Mode of the Phantom Portal, it got all glitchy so I quit it. :I 

How was your Friday the 13th? Did you get unlucky in anything? What's your biggest superstition?

Other than mailtime will be filmed this afternoon, not much to talk about. So....bye-bye!


  1. I was lucky and my sister didn't grumble as she usually does when Mom said i could go on the computer for 2 or 3 hours to earn gems! I have 30,000 now! From adventures! :D

  2. I had bad luck you know since i almost broke my arm. I'm ok now it just hurts a bit. So far today has been going well. Me and my lil sis built a repucla of the pet circus tent and decided to make it a pet shop. So go to circus pets located at my house which no one will find! We sell puppies fish kittens birds bunnies and snakes. And don't forget to stop by our salon get a visit free after you purchase a pet! -cyacheer

    1. And why am I not in the top commenters? I comment a lot! :) cyacheer

    2. Well yes if you had a google account you would be on like in the top 3. The top commenters is messed up and only counts the google account/ Blogger accounts. We all know you from the comments so its ok :)

  3. ok thanks for telling me that. i would get a blogger account but my dad won't let me get an email!-cyacheer

  4. My basement didn't flood, but lots of people I know lost pretty much everything. Like my friend and my uncle. Four people got killed already in flooding. :'(

  5. that's horrible! i'm happy your ok.-cyacheer

  6. Nafaria can i interveiw you for News Crew?



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