Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why I'd Make A Good Author for AJNM

Before I start getting into the real Non-Member stuff, I'd like to mention something: I LOVE NON-MEMBERS! I believe every jammer should be treated equally and fairly because of who they are, not by their items, colors, and status.

Sadly, we have a long ways away from equality. Lots of you know that Membership isn't a bad thing because it pays Smart Bomb workers money, which they use to feed their families and pay for their houses. But don't you think that Animal Jam could get a teeny bit more fair than it already is? Take a look at this graph.

Click to enlarge!
Take a close look. Non-Members only a get a little bit of benefits. We need to make them have at least a few more benefits!

Like pupp1266 and partyanimalzz, I want to host a Non-Member Day on November 1st! Maybe if one of us contacted Animal Jam about this idea, they could make only Non-Member items sold on that day, only Non-Member animals available to use that day, etc. It could be a reminder of how Non-Members are just as special as Members.

I want to help donate to the stores! I can accept donations by using the account animalclip, which my friend lets me go on. I don't have much inventory room left, so I have to use her account. 

I'd also post tricks in my spare time! Here is one of my tricks:

Any Jamaaliday Items
Penguin Plushies
AJ 3rd B-Day Cake

Take the Jamaaliday items and set up a scenery for the wonderland. You can make different landmarks, like Ice Lake, Angel Pit, Fireplace Volcano, Giant Candy Cane Streelights, or Mt. Shiveer Ice Slide. Place penguins all around the wonderland, or you could huddle them together. Be creative! 

I hope you all understand that Non-Members are completely amazing, although times can be tough. Enjoy being a Non-Member, it's not all that bad! :)


P.S. Please read the Animal Jam Non Member! And partyanimalzz, I can give you my mom's email at school. Can't tell anyone online. >:)


  1. Awesome idea Nafaria! :D I will help donate dyed items for nonmembers!


  2. Nice penguin thingy-dingy! :P I'll have to try it!

  3. ooh meh too :D ill brng my storage, evilcat50 so on november first if uy see a peron named that its me, btu when on my storage i pefer to be called evil. ok?


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