Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Posting Canceled. :(

Sorry everyone, I can't post until Friday/Saturday. :( That means the party will be sometime next week. I have had a bad day ever sinxe I figured out that a mean/popular kid is running for Historian, too. There goes my chance of school happiness. Elections are tomorow, so please wish me luck. BYE!


  1. Waah. I was hoping you'd win


  2. Well that happens a lot. If he's mean unless he have goons he will probably lose because if the Historian is well... A bully i bet no one will elect him. Good luck and well you have 20000 views so i have high hopes for the raffle contest.

  3. I hope you win nafaria!! :D


  4. I know you can do it nafaria! I can feel it in my blood! sorry that I couldn't be on yesterday, I was really busy. I had to get my trombone and then my dad took me on some arrens.-cyacheer

  5. Break a leg ("break a leg" means "good luck")!



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