Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye, Summer Carnival!

Hello everybody! Today's new item is wacky and predicted-the Potted Flower Hat.

Speaking of predictions, when will the Slingshots be arriving in stores? It's been forever. .3.

Anyway, just a reminder I'll be filming mailtime on Friday, so if you would LIKE to send stuff, you can. Please try to send them to the account animalclip. She is my friend in real life and she lets me use her account sometimes, the fact that I don't have much den space left. >.< If you DO send them to my main account, they WILL be filmed, just not accepted until I can remove some items. Thank you, and this is NOT a requirement. :)

Also, today is the LAST DAY of the Summer Carnival! Stock up on items, because they won't return for another fall, winter, and spring! We'll miss the Summer Carnival, of course, but when an item leaves stores for about a month, they get in demand SO MUCH they'll trade BETA FLOWER CARPET for RACCOON TAILS. That's an experience for me for another story. :P

Plus, there's a new code! It's DOLPHIN, worth 500 gems. I can understand why it is an ocean one. We all need to visit the oceans every once in a while, just so AJHQ is happy! :D

That's all I have today! Thanks for Whipping and reading this blog! We only need a few more chunks of views before we reach 20,000! Bye-bye!


  1. Cool! I'm gonna send you something! Omg, that bow and arrow you gave me, I logged on and I got 9 Jam- a-grams asking 'What for bow?' People kept trading me stuff for it , like a rare freedom mask and other stuff. I found out a glitch where I was floating by the beehive in Coral Canyons! I am always telling people, " Read the Animal Jam Whip it's awesome!"

  2. can please help me get a rare headdress? and i sent 2 things for mail time! i might send more!and thanks for the code! your friend cyacheer

  3. I'll think of something good to send! :D - xXRobinHoodXx

  4. Coolio! I will be sending something good:D .....

  5. The potted flower hat looks sort of strange, don't you think? Well, that's my thought.


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