Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Is This Day Special?

Hi jammers! I woke up a bit late, so this will be a quick post. Today is RIM, and the predicted RIM is a Rare Royal Blanket! Picture from Animal Jam Sky Blog.

I was in a rush this morning when I first did this post (boy, it was sloppy!), so I had no time to take an image. Anyway, I've realized that this day is:

  • When Beta ended-September 9, 2011
  • When I got Membership
Yeah. So this day is kinda special. We will never forget the amazing Beta Testing! And, we will never forget my Membership. Just kidding. :P

That's all for today-goodbye, jammers! Oh, and tomorrow I will tell you whether or not I'll be doing mailtime.


  1. that looks like a nice blanket I wonder how much it cost....-cyacheer

  2. today is special for me too. today is when i started playing animal jam!-cyacheer

  3. Can someone get me 2 or 3 royal blankets? Please!! I can't cause i can't get on! Plz help!!


    I will trade or i can send a gift back! :3


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