Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mean Comments. >:(

There's been a few mean comments lately because of not winning a stupid contest. >:( Seriously!? It's JUST a contest. There are plenty more to come. I'm a bit mad right now, and just because of not winning a contest, my buddy unbuddied me so that she can live "a better AJ life". I mean, WHY!? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it, please.

Also, a side note, I got sick last night with a stuffy nose and dry throat. Y'all gonna make it worse?

Thank you to those of you who are nice and not stuck-up to contests, even if you don't win. Thanks to all who comment friendly and funnily. That makes my day better. :) 

But, whatever happens, don't say anything mean again, please!


  1. Really? That stinks that peeps can be like that :( I mean, YOLO so enjoy it! It's just a contest, everybody has a chance O.o so if you want the world to be a brighter place, stop hating and being mean! Cause all of you bullies out there know it- Being mean just makes the world darker and puts a stain on your heart. :(

  2. Awww! >:( CURSE U MEAN PPL! >:O Grrrr.... I hope you feel better soon nafaria! :( I had a nasty cold last week. :(
    I wish mean ppl would vanish!

    The one and only Rainbowcat1 :)

  3. I agree! I have had a lot of drama problems lately... I am very sorry about how people act! It will be okay eventually. Please be nice everyone! - xXRobinHoodXx

  4. I feel so bad for you! :( just
    because they didn't win a contest they shouldn't act
    like that! ugh i hate people like that >.< i hope
    you feel better

  5. I feel sorry for you. If you have something to say that's mean just don't say it at all people! and my weekends been going bad too. my brother just had a soccer game and then I had to sit in the blazing heat >:( and then my sister hogs the tv all day.-cyacheer


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