Saturday, May 31, 2014


In just hours I'll be leaving my state and heading to CA to a wonderful theme park. Thanks to all of my buddies and Whippers-you guys ROCK! I'll see everyone soon. ^.^



Whenever I see an Fman clone, I'm just like....

Woven Hats Makin' Rants

Update: There will be no posting from Sunday, June 1st-Friday, June 6th.
Hello Jammers! If you read the big title up there, it clearly states that I won't be posting from tomorrow through Friday. I'm heading out on vacation to Disneyland next morning and it'll be super fun! I will post pictures when I come back. ^-^

Anyway, today's new item is the Woven Hat!

I can't say it's a bad item, but it's absolutely not a favorite of mine. The butterfly is sorta cute, yet still I would never buy it.

From a glance I had no idea what it was until I peeked at the label. o.o

A few days ago I was roaming in Jamaa and found this rant taking place.

The rant was about how you should think more for your friends and the other wonders of Animal Jam and stop being hypnotized by rares.

Yep, and like all rants in public, there's people who are against friends and wonders. :p

That's the thing with big fat protests. :(

Not too long ago my awesome buddy Balaur got myself an icy blue Mechanical Angel Helmet that I've been wishing!

Thank you, Balaur! <3

Meep. That is all I have to say for now, besides the fact we've ticked 90,000 views! :D I will create an invitation next week when I return from my trip.

Thanks again!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Glitchy Jackets

Yo Jammers! Today was the very last day of school. It's officially summer for me!

Today's new item is the Camouflage Jacket!

This item isn't that great. The pockets are saggy like baggy jeans, and it's not even supposed to be for animals. Just the hunters that SHOOT the animals. >:I

Well, yesterday's update brought a few minor things with it.

When you buddy a person, this pop-up appears on your screen. It might glitch like mine did, but at least you can see the username and animal of the person. 030

I like this new feature.

Sometimes my chat history glitches like this, and the text is so small I can't read it. It's annoying, but hopefully it's fixed by now. 

Yesterday Clark, Mythy and I were playing around being derpy. :D

Meh. That's all for today! If we get 90,000 views, I'll have a party.

(Do you think I should have a 3rd mailtime anytime soon?)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Art Showcase

Welcome! Be ready to meet some talented Whippers as their creative work is on display here at the AJW's Art Showcase.

This is a picture I drew of Animal Jam's logo and two wolves. I have the AJ wolf memorized-literally. I sketch them a lot!

This is a drawing of a Spotted Owl. I believe this is the best owl I've drawn in my entire life.

This is a golden unicorn picture. :)

This is Nyan Cat! Nyan, nyan, nyan....

This is a computer-drawn image of a flying bunny. XD

This is a very close-up computer-made drawing of Mira.

Now we have a small picture of some concept art for a Rodeo Party. This was an entry for a contest where you had to design a future party for Animal Jam. It took me quite a while!

This is a picture MythCat2907 drew, congratulating me for 100,000 views, or, in her way of saying it, 1 view. XD

I drew my hyena the other night. He's totally epic.

This is a customized plushie drawing by my great buddy pink200330! It's my wolf, Jumping Spiritmajor. Thank you so much for this, Pinky! It's so adorable! :0

This is truly a work of art. Thank you! ^w^

 Return of Mira by rainbow000pegasus
This lovely picture was drawn and colored by Rainbow000Pegasus. Neat!

This is a big collage of many different drawings by many Jammers. They all did wonderful!

Animal Jam Whip Header Collection

As I said before, more will come later on!

Giggling for Hyenas

Hey Jammers!

Today is update day, the usual Thursday that everyone looks forward to! But this week, hyenas have arrived! (Pictures from Animal Jam Sky Blog.)

The hyenas are so cute and funny! Unfortunately, we have terrible news....

They're in the Diamond Shop, for 10 diamonds, and Member-only. 

For now, I have Happy Kookyhyena to keep me company while I drown in my sorrows for Non-Members.

In addition, the chat text has been modified. It looks more bold than before. Which do you prefer?
Speaking of chat, there's a new glitch with the chat log I'll have to show you tomorrow.

Ooh! Cool sale! AJ Jump is only 99 cents for a limited time. Get it while you can!

The Summer Carnival is back! I checked it out this morning, and it appears to me like nothing is new. I may be wrong! See for yourself and have a blast. :3

Be sure to visit the Cruise Ship party for a nice, relaxing trip across the sea. ^.^

And, if you can, stop by Bahari Bargains and pick up some underwater trends while they're 50% off!

Here we just have a few quick notifications about the Den Portals. You can no longer purchase them in the Temple of Zios. You must buy them from Jam Mart Furniture and the Mystery Emporium. Don't forget the underwater portals, sold in Sunken Treasures.

Thankfully, to make up for the hyenas, AJHQ placed a cheap, 1-diamond Den Portal in the Diamond Shop for NMs!

But, sadly, no hyenas for everyone just isn't the same. :(

The Phoenix Armor set is going to leave the Diamond Shop, and a new set of armor will come in. I wonder what it will be?

Also, a bunch of new Jam-A-Grams have been added!

This is just one of them that I sent to a Jammer named Cuteseal. ^-^

Experimenting with mail is so much fun.

Well, that's the Whip for today!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mmm.... Cake!

Hello Jammers of all ages! Today's new item is the Buttercup Rug, like predicted in the Adventures.

Gladly, it's NM! Although it looks just like the Daisy Rug, it's as cute as a button! It will look great in summer dens. ^_^

Does anybody here love cake? I'm for sure a giant craze for it. :D

Well, I was viewing AJ's Pinterest account the other evening and I noticed they pinned a few wonderfully delicious Animal Jam-themed birthday cakes!

Awesome Animal Jam themed birthday cake!

Animal Jam cake

Animal Jam  Cake by Dzesikacakescupcakes

Animal Jam Cake By Jewels17 on

Animal Jam Epic Wolf Cake!

They all look amazing! Amazing enough to gobble up. :3

Even if you don't like cake, it's still so fun to experiment with the cool shapes and designs you can make and show.

Sadly, I'm horrible with crafts. I can't do anything professional when it comes to being creative. =(

Well, adios mi amigas y amigos! (I liek Spanish c:)