Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New June Layout

May's been a rough month for the Animal Jam Whip's template. I got a lot of complaints about how it was hard to read the posts and everything was too junked up together. Because of this I decided to make the June layout arrive early! In addition I've been cleaning up the pages a bit. Possibly during the summer I might turn things around a bit and throw in some daily and weekly surprises. 

Now you've got another great thing to look forward to! ^-^


  1. ;-D! I love the new June Layout! May's Layout was phan-tastic, too!

    Keep up the good work, Naffy! ;-) Break a leg (good luck)!


  2. Great new layout, I might get to be an assistant swim teacha this summa SOOO yah love da pool design :O

  3. Uh... Naffy... This is my blog's template too....

  4. Uuuuu June! My favorite month! School's out, my birthday, lots more things....


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