Monday, May 5, 2014

Rare Rambles

Hello! Long time no see. Haven't posted normally in days. ;-; Well, today's Rare Item Monday, like usual, and today's RIM is a pair of fragile, imported Rare Sunglasses that will break if your paw oil is too.... okay, whatever. I'm just making this up. :P

It's Members-only. Members-only is getting kind of boring, don't you think? It's like an EVERYDAY process. We need to add some PIZZAZZ and make a few items, hmm, I don't know, NON-MEMBER?

Aren't I a genius? :3

I'm feeling a little jokey today.

Anyways, I bet you all see the new blog background and header, no? It's so beautiful it makes you cry. ;)

This post is so unlike me.... I'm typically all, "Hacker alert this, Non-Member protest this, not-silly-post that, and blah". Even though my oxygen level is 93, my brain is pretty jumpy.

Don't ask.

Back on topic now! Even though the blog is perfecto, it still needs a little space. It's too closed in. I bet the gadgets are all like, "The walls are caving in! HELP US! HAVE MERCY!" SAVE THE GADGETS, WE MUST!

(By the way, May the Fourth Be With You.)

So, blog to be updated as well with a new playlist of charming music! Oh, and nevermind on the width adjustment. The header went psycho after I moved it a little. Sorry gadgets!

I realized a few days ago I haven't been on Endangeredwildwhip in a while. If you guys are donating the money by diving it up equally, great! If not, looks like I have some work to do. o.e

Aw, joy. There's some crazy weirdo dressing up white and dancing on a diamond in the Diamond Shop screaming "nom" at me. O_O

Sometimes people on Animal Jam make me laugh. Once my brother caught a penguin singing a song about socks at the Jam Session party. Utter hilariousness!

My apologies for this big ramble-post. I didn't mean for it to happen. DX

Alright, bye! And thank you to EVERYONE who is commenting, viewing, and helping me out by supporting my blogging skills!


  1. thank you for that funny post! it really livens up my day. lately at school i'm getting secretly bullied. it's the kind where people just me out and don't talk to me. and my friends are turning on me it's horrible! nafi if anyone knows what that like it's you. i'd love it if we could talk it would really help. and I agree, nm's are getting treated worse and worse. it's not just aj that does that it's the world. people think they are better than others so they think they can treat them worse. please remember this, cyacheer

    1. I'm so so sorry, cyacheer! I know very well what that feels like. At a point in February I was getting bullied by my friend, and it felt like the world was turning its back on me. Hakuna Matata-I'd love to help you sort it out.

    2. sometimes i wish we could really be together like go to the same school. then i wouldn't feel so alone, but i guess that's almost impossible. at least we're friends! and thank you for always being there for me nafi!-cyacheer :)

    3. The exact same thing is happening to me..
      My so called "friends" are leaving me out, bossing me around, never want to be my partner, siding with the bullies, ect.
      The worst part is that I I say anything I will have NO friends. There are only 40 kids in my grade at my school, most of which hate me or are annoyed by me. The most (sometimes at least) includes my friends..
      Idk what to do. I cried so hard when I got home today.

      Believe me, I get it. Buddy me, and then you can always talk to me :) I will understand.

      - rascalcat

    4. i'd love to buddy you! it's always good to have someone to talk about it with-cyacheer

  2. oops I forget they LEAVE me out. -cyacheer

  3. Naffy Taffy, thank you for posting the RIM! I wasn't able to go online--I guess it was worth it because the RIM is a members-only item i_i.

    And I also saw that exact same penguin singing a song about socks
    0-o! And The Diamond Shop thing..."/"


  4. NAFFY-- Please try and tell us the sock song It sounds like it will put a smile on our animal jam faces!


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