Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Forgotten Update

Hey! Today we have a big update with tons of epic and new things to encounter around Jamaa.

First, I'd like to thank the Animal Jam Sky Blog for the pictures I'll be using in the post. I don't have quite enough time to snap my own because dinner is going to be ready soon.

Apparently, there is a new adventure-for eagles! It's called The Forgotten Desert. For those of you who don't have an eagle, the adventure is basically set at a goal of picking up all of the selected crystals under a 17-minute time limit. I believe that's the first part, but I'm not sure of the rest yet. I'll make a guide to the adventure once I actually complete it. :P

Hello hummingbirds! I remember when the hummingbirds were sold as a gift card in the AJ Outfitters. They left about a year later, and now Members (sad-face) can buy them for only 3 diamonds. Some of you might think it's a ripoff, but be happy that the people who didn't get a gift card in time can get it. ^3^ Besides, I swear they mentioned they'd return in the departure...

Don't forget to watch the video featuring the hilarious hyenas! Hyenas will be arriving to Jamaa soon, hopefully next or the one after the next update. I'm super excited! Are you?

It would be nice to have the hyenas for all Jammers. As seen on cloudclaws's Animal Jam River, she pointed out there are only 6 NM animals available! That's kind of... unacceptable. I mean, it's bare compared to how much Members are getting.

It's clear. Hyenas should be Non-Member! >:O

Wow! This is a neat idea. Pity the portals are all for Members. Come on, AJHQ, you could've at LEAST made ONE color for the NMs. Think about how neglected they are feeling right now. ;(

All in all, you could make your own Adventure Base Camp with these babies!

When summer is due, the Summer Carnival is due, too! I wonder what wonders the wonderful carnival will bring this wonderful year. LOL LOL LOL LOL

Ya, anyway, you better head on over to the Shiveer Shoppe for the pawsome clearance sale on ALL WINTER GEAR! Stock up for next season or start a collection. Collections are always great in trading!

And to end the post for tonight we have an Underwater Grand Piano to play us some cool aqua beat. 

Now you can begin a crustacean band! xP

Remember about the party!

That's all for today! Thanks for reading, playing, viewing, commenting, supporting, and Whipping. :-) Oh, and lastly, the contest is ABSOLUTELY GOING TO BE ON THE CONTEST BLOG EITHER TONIGHT, TOMORROW, OR SATURDAY. NO MORE SILLY EXCEPTIONS FROM ME! GOT IT? 



  1. YOU GET RARES FROM THE NEW ADVENTURE! I got rare gazelles, my friends got rare spikes, beta mats.. It's time for rares to not be as rare. :D

    1. Yay! Now all hackers and scammers probably feel embarrassed for scamming/hacking some pixels that aren't worth as much anymore. I'm glad that rares are coming back, but I hope that none of my buddies decide to quit...

    2. i quit although i still look at aj blogs cause its the only way i can interact with all of you guys. i dont have a email.......
      i so agree! maybe the hacker who hacked me is feeling kinda embarrased!
      i will tell the story of my hack soon enough

    3. oops sorry nafaria i used my dad's blogger cause he's on im so sorry it is really me!

    4. @pink200330
      o.0 WHOA!

      Hahaha, SOOOO right! :-D ★


    5. I'm glad, I hope every member and non member will just be friends now. Now that rares are just regulars, Animal Jam will be slightly more peaceful. :)

  2. im so happy today I got frm the eagle adventure;
    blue rare party hat
    phatom mask
    beta globe :)
    im sparklegembrownie by the way

  3. I quit Animal jam because now everything is members only and there is nothing else to do so I give away my account
    User: birthday93403

  4. This is for Mythycat. :)

    Email for to send the picture to:

    And URL for my blog:

  5. It's under 15 minutes..

  6. If the hyenas turn out to be member-only, I will be extremely annoyed at AJHQ. They need to make more nonmember stuff that isn't just like "tennis rackets" for your DEN... o.o


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