Monday, May 26, 2014

Rare Tie-Dyed Facial Hair

Hello! Happy Memorial Day! :) School's off for me, so my family and I plan to drive to the capital city and hang out there for most of the afternoon.

Like the Forgotten Desert adventure predicted, the Rare Moustache is the RIM today.

It looks like someone jumped into a pool of blue and white tie-dye and got it stained on their facial hair. I know, crazy theory. o3o

But, it's still a good item! XD

Anyway, lately there has been some trouble in the eagle adventure.

Animals other than eagles are appearing in it!

Now, these animals just pop out of nowhere. They could be in Jamaa and randomly show up on the adventurers' screens, or something else.

Whatever it is, wessie4chu snapped a screenshot of a horse appearance.

So odd, so strange.

One last thing before I end the post-

OVER 87,000 views!? ALREADY!? Wow, it seems like every day the Whip is boosting up another 1,000 views! We'll be at 90,000 views in no time!

Thanks to all of you! ^-^

Well, take this day if you go on Animal Jam at some point to mourn for your buddies who quit. That's AJ's way of Memorial Day. Memories. -sigh- ;(

Wait, one more thing!

I decided to do a little shindig called "Cool Den of the Week". This week's cool den is gonna be....featured on the Cool Dens tab! x3

Also, do you think I should do Jammer of the Month?

See you later!


  1. Ahh. I'll miss all my buddies that quit. :c I remember.. PokemonMaster1998 and I used to bust scammers like crazy and help out scammed Jammers. :') Jbibi and many others helped a ton too.. :')

  2. For some reason your post title makes me laugh. Weird, eh?

    I like the moustache! Apparently, so does Pink. She seriously bought like, 20 of them. I need to buy one! XD

    Yes, you should do Jammer of the Month! :)

  3. That Rare Moustache looks so... addictable :p! But a0I can't get it, why? D-,:

    Anyway, I think you should really do Jammer of the Month - that'd be great! We should really repay a Jammer who was kind to us - this brings me to buddies leaving...

    It really is so depressing that when someone so close to you just faded away from you for a long time or even forever, it's upsetting... but let's always remember them, but not bring back he painful sorrow we experienced. ;'-)



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