Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Elderly Peck

Hi Jammers! Yep, I'm still sick, and I've still got that icky virus caught up in my lungs.

Yuck. :(

Well, on a more bright subject, today we've got a Sunken Peck Tiki Statue to complete-no, NEARLY complete-the Sunken Tiki Alpha collection!

You would think if the statue wasn't sunken it would look a lot prettier, right? 

But how come AJHQ likes to make Peck stick out her tongue so much? Don't they care about the fact that Peck may not want her jaw stretched open? Sheesh.

Oh, and also, Peck looks a tad elderly in the eyes on that replica of her. e-o

Gives me the willies!

(I like making rants about items.... it makes my day for some reason. :P)

But all in all the collection of underwater statues wouldn't be perfection without Peck.

Moving on!

I was talking with Lemo just a while ago and she said Starroxy had quite a few unreleased items:

  • Green Mech Angel Helmet
  • White and Green Pigtails
The big question is,

Why are all of these weird items popping out of the blue?

It seems like everything is just collapsing into hacking. All the knowledge we know of AJ that's good is falling.

But this situation is different. We don't know if they:

  • Work for Animal Jam
  • Hacked Animal Jam
  • Used computer programming skills and HTML hacks to recolor the items they own
  • Or did something so unexpected the smartest person in the gaming world has no clue how to do
If we are to solve this mystery, we need to grab information from the people themselves.

Good luck, Mira's Army.


(Special shout-out to biamorawesome for commenting on so many posts, especially the ones way back then! o3o)


  1. Derp. I also love ranting XDD
    You should read the Rise, Nafaria. I hate to say this, but you are WAAAY behind the rest of us in unreleased items knowledge xP


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. And if you want I can quit with this hacking business, but I prefer keeping MY pace.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. ...
      Are you somewhat angry at me...?
      If you are, I don't need more drama in my life .-.


    5. No, sorry about that, I meant to only say I like keeping my pace. >.<

  2. It's already been confirmed, 100 percent actually, a few months ago there was best dressed glitch hack, you opened a program, got the items you wanted, saved some file, and you exited with the items and best dressed has unreleased items, so done :I

  3. Naf I know a way to get the items that still works ( unlike the one is the above comment).

    Ok so, you call ajhq and say you got hacked. (You call on Skype) you show them proof (ex: empty account, friend agreeing thy you did, ect.) You then say what items you "had". most of the mods don't know which colors are unrealeased. They then send you your "favorite items" back onto your account. What people do Is get fake hacked, ad ask for items on unreleased colors, saying they had them. I know this because I say a vid showing how, and read some IG posts.

    - rascalcat, the deliverer of info.


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