Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Hello everybody! Today's new item is a wonderful Pogo Stick! It's so wonderful not only for its super outdoor fun, but because of its NM-ness. ^.^

Well, apparently it does have a flaw of its own. How unexpected that this perfect-seeming stick of wood would be so tiny for animals like the elephants and snow leopards. O_O

I guess you could put it in a nursery for the smaller animals, like seals and bunnies. :3 Wouldn't that be funny?

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck wood.


Well, for this nice Wednesday, I wanted to give y'all a tip I know on how scamming works.

The main and obvious victims for scammers are the people who love their rares dearly.

Why is it that scammers aim for the people who care so much for their items?

The more you love what you have, the weaker you are. You are so much easier to scam because you grow eager for more things when you have a lot of things. It's how society works in Jamaa and in real life. It's a piece of cake to relate the two together.

I don't care if I get hacked. Sure, I will always love my rares and what things I own because they are special and bring memories into my career here in Animal Jam. But I wouldn't mind if they left me: after all, they are only pixels.

Trust me, there's a lot more happiness you can find in life that a bunch of computer-generated collections.

If you end up not caring what happens to your clothes and furniture, you are less likely to be scammed. Believe me.

And, even you if DO care what happens to your items, at least PRETEND to be strong and better against the heartless rare-stealers roaming the servers of AJ.

Also, KNOW YOUR SCAMS! Although it's tempting, yes, for an item you want so much, but DON'T DO IT because you can't read other people's minds and you have no idea whether they are being honest or not.



The people who ARE trustworthy are usually never seen in the unknown public world. You can technically only trust people you've gone through life with, or you know super well in AJ.

Like, I know none of you angels scam constantly. I admit that I've scammed before, but I never meant to do it! We aren't perfect!

See ya for now!


  1. BRAVO BRAVO! those words were straight from the heart weren't they!? if we removed greed from the world there would be everlasting peace.-cyacheer

  2. nafaria i found someone with 2 green gazzeles and a snowyclaw's purple ones! what is going on?!-cyacheer

  3. Nice :-D!


    P.S., wise words :p

  4. Derpderpderp I just want my den items ^_^
    'Cause otherwise lots of my dens would be ruined -_-

    Sorry about my comment Naffeh ;o;


  5. I couldn't care less if I lost my bat wings.
    I just want my bow, my fox hat, and my close to complete snow leopard Plushie collection. By the way, I am looking for a snow leopard Plushie with a beanie and a bag on a stick. I will trade my bat wings for it. Jam-A-Gram me if it's a deal! I'm Faolan42, exactly as I typed it here <--------

  6. Thank you nafaria! This is my first time posting but I love your post on this! My friend got scammed of her headress, neon bow, spike, rare party hat ,etc. with the dumb new trading system >:(


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