Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fountain of Gold

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is the Fountain Sprinker, a tiny elegant sprinkler that's perfect for keeping your yards healthy.

(Picture from Animal Jam Fun Jam)

It's a really pretty item! But, like always, it's Members-only. :I

Yet we do have some recreational NM items out there already....

I don't know where I'm going with this. :P
Well, it appears that 90,000 views may be coming quicker than I had expected. The 80,000 views party was only days ago, and we're already super close to 85,000!

Plus, I'm getting a lot of fanmail lately. :D

Thank you so much (I know that's growing to be very corny because I say it all the time) for EVERYTHING you guys do! This is why the Animal Jam Whip is here to stay! I can't let you kind people down.


Well, it looks like some people are taking advantage of the new adventure.

Perhaps even too much advantage. 

My poor friend Lemo's buddies are ignoring her because they are too busy doing the new adventure. That isn't fair to her at all!

It's okay if you play the adventure.

Just remember to not get too carried away with it that you're leaving your buddies behind. Especially if they don't have eagles.

It's quite obvious for true friends to say that their buddies are worth more to them than their stuff.

If they don't believe in that...

They may not be true friends.

Goodbye for now! And make sure to enter the contest-winners are chosen TOMORROW!


  1. Now I feel bad for playing it! :( Umm... sorry to you, Naffy! I was... playing it... while you were on....

    sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

  2. I wish buddies care more about buddies than items


    P.S., I entered the contest!

  3. The sprinkler looks like a beta fountain!!!


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