Thursday, May 22, 2014


Most don't think of me as a well-trained scammer catcher, but this is information I got my paws on about a year ago.

I'll re-post it so you can see it:
If you've read the Scammers and Hackers tab, you'll know who Solidblue02 is. Except, he's not even Solidblue02 anymore! He's traded everything from this account to his next account, which is of the user "dens". Odd, huh? Clever and sneaky little thing.

Most of you know that he's a MAJOR scammer and hacker. He hacks items from other accounts, steals the accounts, and has scammed MANY jammers.

But that's not all he does.

Tikibird141, you may want to include this top-secret information on your "watch blog".



Here's how I know he does this:

It was a lovely day's afternoon. Me, nafaria9, had just finished playing in Jamaa for a while. I wanted to search up an AJ blog, so I searched up, I looked around this blog, and although it had lots of information on this well-known hacker, I wanted to learn more.

So I searched for "solidblue02 animal jam", and a few YouTube videos came up along with a couple of blog articles. I clicked on a random one, which was by the name of The Awesome Animal Jam Blog! and it brought me to the blog. Of all the wonderful posts, one caught my eye that basically had 3 comments begging for mercy (copied word for word):

LOL!!!! My animal jam username is solidblue02 and i just hacked this blog and wow it completely really totally sucks a big one. Your nam is Peter Griffin really?!? Nope! So anyways add me on animal jam once again I am silverblue02!!!! This blog sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get off our blog, you rat!

The other 2 were deleted.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I feel SO TERRIBLE for these kids!!!

And guess what?

That was their last post. It ended on a Saturday, June 2. In 2012.

BAD spelling and grammar, solid. Your username isn't even silverblue02!!!

I hate this person!

Report (you don't have to):





Thank you!

And show sympathy for these jammers whose lives were miserable from that day on!

Show sympathy if you really like this blog.

Show sympathy for them for me.

Show sympathy cause their epic blog was hacked LAST SUMMER!!!!!!!

By that stupid rat.


Remember, this was posted ONE YEAR AGO. NOT THIS YEAR!

Now you know.


  1. -Changes password 50 times-
    I don't want my personal information to be leaked. :c Well, i don't have any personal information on my Google account, but still... o.o


  3. okay, so legende has quit, lilca petal ( whell, a person SAID she was lilac petal, is alos on transformice) okay, so, when i find stuff it will be on wattpad. look for xxpoisonprincessxx, because thats my wattapd account. i'll write to you hwenever i find stuff. oh, and nafaria, you coul dalso post the tale of captian sillybird for everyone to see!

  4. Looks like a fake, but you can't be sure...


  5. Hmm.......



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