Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not AJ enough?

Hello, everybody. I have unfortunate news.

Someone made the mistake to inform me that the Animal Jam Whip's new template isn't "AJ-ish" enough, the music is horrible because it doesn't come from Animal Jam, and the blog is just plain, old, dumb, and clearly NOT Animal Jammy.

I don't appreciate things like that. I work hard on my blogs. If you don't enjoy my blogs, then don't make rude statements about them! None of us will listen to them, although they are still very heartbreaking and rude.

If my blog isn't meeting your standards, at least give me some nice suggestions! I am always open to kind suggestions for my blogs, not mean ones! I NEED SUGGESTIONS! THEY TASTE LIKE HEAVENLY CLOUDS AND RAINBOWS!

But in the future, please don't say things that aren't needed to be said. Especially if you know they might be outgoing in the wrong direction.



  1. I can't believe they would say that! I think the template is beautiful. So what it's not really that AJ, it's a personal touch. So is the music, I really really love the Let it Go music! I can't believe they don't like that. You keep doing what you're doing Nafaria, you're great!

  2. It's your blog gosh people people PEOPLE shush shush... just shush... -Slowly puts paw on their lips to quiet the person-
    Okay. Uhh I was gonna say something good but I forgot. /).(\ Does that happen to anyone else?! It's really annoying. =-=

    1. I feel your pain. I feel your pain too, Naffy Taffy.

  3. This is WONDERFUL!!! I love the music too! I can ALWAYS listen to AJ music so I like hearing different mysic I can't buy cause' I don't have a iPod. And mom won't let me get one until i am 13

  4. can you believe i found legende?

  5. Honestly, I have to admit this blog isn't very jamaasian. BUT the design is absolutely wonderful, I love it <3
    Keep up the good work, nafaria :3
    Also, other people's advie is important but never take it that seriously ;)


  6. How rude of somebody! Your blog is wonderful nafaria.

  7. :O Nafaria, those people are out of their minds! I love the new template, song and this blog can be as AJ as ever!

    Keep up the good work, Nafaria! Don't listen to those people who don't appreciate your HARD-work.


    1. P.S., sorry that I RARELY or BARELY use my Google account.

      P.P.S., I found the "someone" who said that your blog wasn't AJ enough and more bad things.

  8. I don't think every blog that has AJ in it has to be EVERYTHING AJ. I love this blog the way it is! :D Lots of AJ blogs with music, only put up songs that are on AJ, so I think it's nice that this blog has some different music. I think the music is pawsome! :) And the background change is nice too- it's a great change. I also liked the music and background before too. ^.^ Nice and flowery! c:

  9. Why would they say that??? >:(
    I think your blog's background and banner and music are all fabulous. I wouldn't change anything. Sorry I haven't commented in forever. I'll try to read this blog more. :3


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