Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mmm.... Cake!

Hello Jammers of all ages! Today's new item is the Buttercup Rug, like predicted in the Adventures.

Gladly, it's NM! Although it looks just like the Daisy Rug, it's as cute as a button! It will look great in summer dens. ^_^

Does anybody here love cake? I'm for sure a giant craze for it. :D

Well, I was viewing AJ's Pinterest account the other evening and I noticed they pinned a few wonderfully delicious Animal Jam-themed birthday cakes!

Awesome Animal Jam themed birthday cake!

Animal Jam cake

Animal Jam  Cake by Dzesikacakescupcakes

Animal Jam Cake By Jewels17 on

Animal Jam Epic Wolf Cake!

They all look amazing! Amazing enough to gobble up. :3

Even if you don't like cake, it's still so fun to experiment with the cool shapes and designs you can make and show.

Sadly, I'm horrible with crafts. I can't do anything professional when it comes to being creative. =(

Well, adios mi amigas y amigos! (I liek Spanish c:)


  1. 1shadow scammed me out of my freedom bands and phantom armor necklace..... i feel so foolish right now

    1. its okay. my rare freedom bands, rare freedom cape, phantom armor necklace... all gone!

  2. When I read the title of this post, I screamed and kept my eyes, sharply on the pictures, each and every one xD! Anyway, what do you think about the Buttercup Rug? Ah, I just love nature's beauty!

    Back to the cake thing, I love cake! Especially when there's an unexpected waffle! :B


  3. Wow, those cakes are amazing!
    I like the "Allison Jam" one. That's so clever! :3

    1. @wingofthesun

      Hehe, I know, right? It seems so... Animal Jam-ish xD! And it really is clever, isn't it? ;-D


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