Friday, May 23, 2014

A Heart that Can't Be Patched


When I saw today's item at first, I thought it was a ball of clay. o.o But, no, it's actually a Patched Hat!

At least the item is NM. Honestly, I don't think I'd buy it, but I know someone who might. 

Anyway, yesterday I witnessed something a few hacker trackers may want to know about. So, visit the Scammers and Hackers tab to learn more about laurensmartpants getting hacked. Yes, it's a dreadful story. D:

Remember how RockyTop2 quit a few months ago?

It was a heartbreaking moment. This is heartbreaking, too.

Rocky placed a red panda plush in her den so that her friends could mourn and think of her.

It makes me sad. :(

Especially if you were close to Rocky.

When great buddies fade away, it's like there's a hole in your heart.

And only forgetting clears it up. Except that never works for me.


Doesn't A Thousand Years make that hole bigger?



  1. Oh... :c this is so depressing...

  2. okay, so, when i find stuff it will be on wattpad. look for xxpoisonprincessxx, because thats my wattapd account. i'll write to you hwenever i find stuff. oh, and nafaria, you coul dalso post the tale of captian sillybird for everyone to see!
    so, have you found the hacker? it couldn't have been legende..... i'll try and dig up more

  3. I think it wasn't a real hack, possibly she's just faking :I I seriously don't think hacking is real anymore, but you know the julian2 and his team theory :I

  4. i forgot that theory

  5. I have died, every day, waiting for you...
    It's the song I listen to when I'm sad :(
    "A thousand years" by Christina Perri. Hehehe a thousand years :P


  6. :cries so hard:

    Naffy.. i think fman hacked me..

    Yesterday, aj was being slow. I wanted to send a jamagram to a buddy. I clicked the jamagram tab. The jamagram screen popped up. Except it was all messed up. There were boxes everywhere, the words said thanks for playing with me, there was a gift, and it was addressed to awesome sunnybrave.. it wouldnt let me out, the only way was to log out. It happened all night.

    So far today, my account wont load, it doesnt get past the loading screen. Noone knew anything about me. Even my closest irl friends didnt know my pass. If you can still see my account, let me know if it looks hacked. im crying so hard right now. help me, plz. goodbye.. maybe forever..

    - rascalcat

    1. oh no! im so sorry for you! this is the reason i kept tellling people to block hsi backup accounts! crap! jam a gram me, moostar88745 when you get on, k? rascalcat, i'll give you my rares

    2. I searched you up, and you look fine. O.o

    3. Oh my! That's terrible! I really hope whoever is behind Fman goes and gets a life, even if they didn't hack you.

      I'm so so sorry! Your account does look fine, yes, but maybe Fman hasn't gotten to you yet. I wish this is all just a minor glitch... D:

    4. @moonstar

      plz dont! i really dont need them

      @ pink

      thats so wierd, like i said it had all the fman slogans and i havent been able to log on


      maybe..? he sends them, and then when he gets time he hacks it? idk

      - rascalcat

    5. @Rascal couldn't reply ipad glitched, lol so this will work, this has happened to me before, it just so happens you got a fman imposter jam a gram the same day it was happening to you, it happens occasionally to everyone

    6. @creepers

      except, it wasnt a jamagram
      when i tried to send a jamagram, that is what happened. instead of the send a jamagram screen thats what happened. so, idk

      - rascalcat <3


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