Friday, May 16, 2014

Prizes to Behold


It appears that the prizes for the new Adventure are BETAS.

And not just any Betas-BIG Betas.

Did you know, by doing the Forgotten Desert, you are participating in a chance to win aspiked collar, a beard, or a sewing machine!?

You can also win cool RIMs!

If you can, it's worth it to try out the new Adventure. No kidding!

Remember that the party is tomorrow! We'll have a blast! Scroll down for the invitation. ^.^

The contest will be up tomorrow as well. I'm gonna set up a little bit of it tonight, and it will for sure be posted by then. Okie dokey?

Thanks for reading today. Bye!


  1. :-D


    P.S., I think I can't come! Let me see if I
    can, though. :,-(

    1. P.P.S., I wish I can adventure in The Forgotten Dessert! But I am a non-member, and have no chance of getting an eagle.

      I only have five diamonds, and like I said I'm a non-member. But that's okay! I am living with it, anyway. Oh, well.

    2. Even if you got an eagle you still couldn't do it! DX
      I saw an eagle hosting the adventure so I clicked it, and it said it was for members only. Even though eagles are nm.

      Sorry if this is a depressing post.

    3. Wait, I mean 'even though eagles are member'

  2. I had no idea there was even a thing called a sewing machine!!! That sounds like one of the random things Animal Jam has been adding lately to the den shop--like the "tennis racket" and stuff...


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